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  1. Which is the cheapiest host in minecraft?
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  2. Firstly cheap =/= good

    Secondly, this is really hard to say. We need more on your needs, what sort of server will you be running etc.
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  3. I will be running spigot
  4. ...

    Survival, Factions, Prison etc?

    Anyway, I recommend you go with these guys;
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  6. Sorry, I was unaware. However there is no need to be cheeky next time.

  7. Thanks everyone. I love you <3
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  9. You can also try They provide nice servers (for what I tried) with cheap prices!
  10. Your complaining about DDoS attacks but recommend a host with very limited protection from them?


    Nitrous-Networks, Beastnode and Bisect hosting, here is my thoughts:

    • Nitrous-Networks
      • No downtime at all.
      • Slow(ish) support.
      • Dedicated IP not included (+£2.40 p/m).
      • Extremely friendly and accurate staff
      • NiTROPanel (Their control panel) is far superior it Multicraft.
      • Upto 640Gbps DDoS protection.
      • Cheap
      • Free webhosting.
      • Will go out of their way to make customers happy.
    • Beastnode
      • Dedicated IP included in most packages.
      • Use Multicraft however it has a nice theme and fit in well ( still inferior to NiTROPanel.
      • No downtime.
      • Fast Support.
      • Support is accurate but not friendly.
      • DDoS protection is sketchy (one mention of it on their website).
      • More expensive the Nitrous.
      • No web hosting option.
    • Bisect hosting
      • No downtime
      • Offer Budget and Premium servers.
      • Budget servers do run on SYS/OVH (make of that what you will :p)
      • Very fast support (~10-20 mins response time.)
      • Premium server include dedicated IP.
      • Staff not overly helpful.
      • Premium servers are quite expensive, Budget servers are quite cheap.
      • 420Gbps DDoS protection.
    Personal experience, hopefully it will be useful.
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  11. Here is my response for nitrous: Nitrous is meant for owners who know what their doing. In other words it's an unmanaged shared host which is nice, along with that they replace their slowish staff in return they offer amazing servers in return. So overall I'd rather wait days for a response for an amazing server.
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  12. I agree, NiTROPanel is very nice too :)
  13. Well it's not all about the cheapest, but you want a good price to reliability ratio. From experiencing Acornservers, I would recommend them since their services are fairly inexpensive and for sure effective! - this is their website if you want to check it out.
    You can also use this promo-code to get 50% off the first month - FoxTrot5

    Using that promo-code will help you with your first month's money situation. If you get good things done in that period, you can make that money back or more.
  14. "2GB SSD Space". *sigh*
  15. Starting out with a new server, that should be plenty and as the time comes, you can always upgrade that.
  16. @Samistine By the look of it, it says that thier sales pricing will end soon. This inferes that the prices displayed are the discounted version.
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