Hoster, VPS or dedicated server?

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  1. Hello,

    Perhaps this question has been asked before, but I need to know what kind of hosting I should pick to fit my needs.
    I want to run a bungeecord server with multiple regular Spigot servers attached. I'm pretty familiar with Linux and I can easily learn how to install things on VPS' and such its just that I'm not experienced with server management.

    Any suggestions on what to use can be slightly based on personal preference but I'd rather have some facts about performance, support and uptime.

  2. More details please. How many servers are you gonna run, how many plugins/worlds per server, how many players you expect ect.
  3. Well, we would like to keep a maximum of 100 players per server while running around 5 plugins and some other custom ones that are lightweight. (The others are pretty heavy). For now we were planning to have a bungeeserver, lobby, world1 and a fallback world. (Not lobby)
  4. If you know Linux and have a large enough server, a dedicated server you be a no brainer.

    - root access
    - completely unshared resources
    - complete control over how resources are used
    - can run anything off it, not just a Minecraft server but a website, teamspeak server, and if you want an email server
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  5. So then thw best thing would be a VPS?
  6. What size is your server?
  7. Yes, so is it still important to have a lot of ram because the VPS I'm looking at right now is 1gb for $10, but those Minecraft server hosters offer 4gb for $10
  8. Yeah, but what size is your server? Like how many players do you peak at? What would you say is your average.
  9. Stick with Minecraft Hosting.
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  10. Care to provide any factual evidence at all as to why slow, potentially overcrowded nodes, are better, than the likes of VPS or Dedicated servers.
  11. Like 100 per (regular) server at maximum.
  12. Then go for a dedicated server. You should not be using Shared hosting at all for this player base.
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  13. If it happens to be lower (probably as I said this was max) then you still recommend taking a dedicated server? I ask this because the server hasn't launched yet and therefore is largely unknown.
  14. Yeah, for anything over 30 players simultaneously, I'd recommend at the very least a VPS. Remember, there is nothing wrong using a dedicated server if you have less then this, but there is you are using shared hosting and have more.
  15. Okay so what I get from this is; buy a dedicated server and once you reach a stable player base and it's pretty much only growing and exceeding 30 players simultaneously then it's time to upgrade to a VPS. Any suggestions for reliable and 'cheap' dedicated server hosters?
  16. No, sorry if I wasn't clear.

    I mean at the very least, get a VPS if you have over 30 players but I dedicated server is preferable.

    Are very cheap and both run by the same company (OVH).
  17. Dedicated is better than VPS. Dedicated is, well, dedicated. VPS is shared.
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  18. Dedicated is also more expensive. If he's starting up, a VPS should be able to do the job until he builds his playerbase and needs more power, then he can move to a dedicated server. Both a VPS & Dedicated Server offer SSH and Root access so he's only really gaining more resources. It wouldn't make sense to start with a Dedicated server if he's not got many players, he's essentially paying for lots of extra power he might not need but this all depends on if he plans on hosting other things besides the server.
  19. "Better" is subjective.
    For a $10-$40 budget, a good VPS from a reputable provider will often be better than a dedicated.
  20. No need to start paying a bunch, once you're good with Minecraft Hosting you're fine. I literally can run a 50 player server easily with only 6 GBs of ram with HostHorde.