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  1. Hello everyone I was just looking around hosting websites and saw this one called hosthorde. I looked at their plans and saw this $25 plan called unlimited and it says unlimited ram which I find very hard to believe. After talking to them they said they will only give you the amount of ram that you are using so you don’t really have a lot of breathing room. So I was wondering has anyone gone with their unlimited plan and what was it like if you have? I’m not going to go with them I just wanted to know if anyone has used them and what they experienced.
  2. Nothing is Unlimited
  3. Hosthorde sucks, dont use them.
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  4. And why do they suck? You have to tell why because if you don't do it it's actually against several laws
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  5. If everyone was prosecuted for saying "x sucks" without any backup there would be a WHOLE lot of people in trouble lol.. I'll say Hosthorde sucks just because I feel like it and there's nothing anyone will do about it :p
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