Hostile Mobs Causing Crash in Spigot 1.10

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by devjoll, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. I'm not sure if there's a proper bug report section or not so I'm putting this here. The server I play on (NOT my server) crashes whenever hostile mobs take damage or when players walk into cacti or other similar damage sources.
  2. I'm noticing the same problem on my server. I get a Zombie that takes damage and it crashes the server.
  3. I noticed that some mobs don't walk around at all. Like zombies.
    Zombies move their arms, but they can't walk around. It's like something is blocking them from walking.
    Sometimes bats just hover up and down in mid air, not flying around.
    Or the bats just hang in the ceiling or sit on the floor without flying away.
    It's like with zombies. Something is blocking them from flying around.