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  1. Hello,

    I want hosting five hundred players with 40 instances per server.
    I think taking two machine with the same configuration:
    Processor2 x Intel Xeon E5606
    Cores/Threads8 cores/ 8 threads
    Frequency2.13 GHz+
    RAM96 GB ECC
    Disks2 x 2 TB SATA
    RAIDMegaRAID Cache + battery
    Network connection1 Gbps
    Bandwidth250 Mbps

    Do you think I could run 40 instances per machine game with 250 players in total in the machine

    Best regards.
  2. That's a definite "no" from me, those CPUs are just not good for minecraft, at all.
    Go for something along the lines of two machines with E5-1650's.
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  3. Don't you think 40 instances on 2 E5-1650 machines is pushing it a bit to much? If he wants 40 instances I personally think 2x e5-2600 series will be better
  4. Why would it be? With an average of 12 players on each server, I don't see a problem.
  5. Remember it overall depends on what server is on each instance and how optimized it is also.
  6. JamesJ


    Do you even have 500 players?
    Or is this just your aim?
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  7. Let's just say he did right now. What would you recommend?
  8. please use a other cpu that one is so outdated
  9. Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback. Is 7 KS-5 machines to start with 500 players run without any lag (
    How can I achieve with these slots about 7 machines in total?
    For information, the 500 players I will fill the opening so I'm afraid it will lag at the opening ...
  10. Yes, but in this case I have to put 50 instances by dedicated server, knowing that opening the server, the CPU will greatly increase with the number of very fast connections. And again I do not want to pay a lot of installation costs. but that does not answer my question if his 7 kimsufi machines comply, at least if ever there was a denial of service on a machine, there is not half the server crash.
  11. The kimsufi machines come without RAID. You have 7 disks spinning at all times. One fails and you're out. No recovery possible.
    Kimsufi also comes without permanent DDoS mitigation, a huge favor you'd gain by going to OVH's major lineup.
    If your node hosting bungee gets hit, your entire network is down. Having more machines isn't really a benefit.
    If you order in the BHS datacenter, you won't have to pay setup fees. These come without setup fees as well:

    7 KS-5's may comply, but I would not recommend any sane person to use them for a setup like this.
  12. I want to host my server in Europe because it is a French server and if the server would have a big response time for French players, I do not think the CPU of this machine would bear 60 instances with 300 players ...
  13. Well the CPUs in the KS-5s are objectively worse, but whatever floats your boat.
  14. Does he have the CPU of SP-64 Machine takes 60 instances with 300 players without saturation and without problem opening?
    Is the ping increases of more than 10 ms if a player is a connector in North America server instead of a server in Europe?
  15. The ping difference between BHS (OVH Canada) and RBX (OVH France) is exactly 80ms.
  16. This server is unavailable in Europe. Do you have other machines to offer me? My budget is $ 330 for a dedicated server hosted in France (Europe).
  17. GeorgeHousley123


    You can try and get 7 of the same server from them.
    For 500 players on 40 different servers I would use the 256GB plan from OVH.
  18. Thanks but it's run +60 instances easy ?
  19. What will those instances be?