Hosting a Discord bot?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ShishKaBobz, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    I was wonder where I can best host a discord bot, I tried home-hosting however that didn't really work out for me. I would like cheap and realiable.


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  2. Message me on discord: runconnor #0814
  3. Contacted.
  4. Use a droplet from digitalocean or use a raspberrypi
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  5. That's very expensive for just a bot...

    I suggest buying the cheapest vps you find, anything should do honestly. However, from personal experience, if hosting a java bot, make sure to have more than 512mb ram.
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  6. time4vps seems to be cheap..
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  7. How many java bots do you recommend to host on one raspberry pi 3b at a time?
  8. depend on your device, like 2-3 i think
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  9. Discord is basically a combination of skype and teamspeak, but better in many aspects. many people on the forums resorted to only having discord as a way of contact (or PM's). Would recommend getting it
  10. I signed up for a github students liscense and with it it gives a code to get the cheapest droplet plan for free for 8 months. Not sure how much ram though.
  11. 512MB ram.
  12. I recommend 256gb of ram as that should be almost enough.
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  13. what the actual

    i hope that u are joking
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  14. a 1 gb vps is fine in most hosts you can easily get them for cheap
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  15. MikeA

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    I don't have any real experience with Discord bots... but if it's in Java and it's not going to be used on tons of servers, I would guess any small 256MB - 512MB VPS would do just fine. RamNode has $8/quarterly 256MB RAM VPS.
  16. leo


  17. Don’t host a discord bot from ovh
  18. And why? You should have a reason for that
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  19. My friend host's a discord bot on his Pi it works fine, I think you can run 2 on them as they are not that resource intensive.
  20. KiaraPuppy

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    I'm a little late, but I'd like to share my knowledge. I'd recommend getting a KVM VPS from somewhere like OVH. I would stay away from OpenVZ for Discord bots.
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