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  1. Hey, I'm planning on starting a large 1.15.2 survival server soon. It's whitelisted and I plan on having around 20 people playing (although not all at the same time, I would like it to work with lots of people online).

    It's going to be running Spigot, with no plugins other than some tweaks which I will most likely end up coding myself, which will be efficient and minimal.

    I've had no trouble hosting on 1.7.10/1.8 in the past, but I've heard after 1.12.2 server's performance has decreased dramatically and I'm trying to ensure this will work.

    I'd prefer to have a VPS which I can connect to, rather than an Minecraft host.

    I'm looking at this right now:

    OpenStack KVM
    2 vCore(s)
    From 2 GHz
    8 GB RAM
    80 GB SSD
    Local RAID
    Unlimited traffic**

    It's from OVH, and I was wondering if this would be good enough for what I'm planning on doing.

    I know the storage is fine, but I'm unsure on the ram and processor. I don't have that high of a budget, (this will cost £12/month), but I may be able to go a little higher, but I can't seem to find a good middle group between VPS's and Dedicated Machines
  2. Ram is fine, storage is fine, but the processor is what will hurt your server. OVH runs Intel xeons for their VPSs with more cores at a lower clocked speed (I believe it was clocked at 2.4 GHz, but that number could be wrong). As Minecraft is mainly single threaded, the lower clock speed & single core performance of their xeons will hurt your server altogether. As a start it may be fine for you, but you will see very quickly how laggy it can become. My recommendation is in contrary to what you want, I'd recommend going with a Minecraft host. Hosts will run better hardware in term of single core performance, which will help your server maintain the snappy performance that we all desire. Not to mention, game-server hosts don't have such a high overhead when comparing them to a VPS host.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to list them,
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  3. Lol, if you want to open a survival server, the las option is OVH his CPU is very slow, I recommend BuyVM.
  4. Ok, do you have any recommendations for MC Server hosts? Most I found offer low specs compared to OVH's VPS
  5. I was wondering if this would be good, I know the company is reputable and it's has great support (I've bought from them in the past)

    • 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM
    • Unmetered SSD Storage
    • 1Gb/s Unmetered Uplink
    • Arbor DDoS Protection
    • Unlimited Player Slots
    • Free Subdomain
    • One-Click Backups
    • One-Click Plugin Installs
    • Visual Player List
    • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Single core I believe)
  6. This is really good for your needs. Just wanna mention though that Minecraft Hostings with "unmetered" things are kinda scary.
  7. I think may be the best option, thank you!

    I would just also like to ask: Would this work fine under high conditions - Max players on at a time will be 10-15 (I'm guessing), lots of chunk loading/generating & redstone machines? Would this be fine
  8. It should be fine, around 19 avg tps depending on how well the server is optimized. Can't really tell until testing though. And since it's a minecraft host, your resources are shared so if another server is causing lags you're gonna experience lags too.
  9. Ryzen 3600 is a good process for Minercaft servers, yes. One suggestion, however, is to pregenerate the world to eliminate the chunk generation lag.
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  10. That was something I was worrying about, which is why I would've preferred to have a VPS, so it's isolated. I know how to use Linux and would prefer for a linux server, is there any hosts which will perform good performance? Apparently Minecraft servers rely heavily on 1 core, so something that's built for MC
  11. Check cpu benchmark on single core. I know that AMD are really good
  12. If you're still looking for a VPS, currently has a sale where you get a dedicated core (they gave me 2vCpu's, but I do think they're dedicated because of performance), of an AMD Epyc 2nd gen, with 5GB ram and 50GB of SSD storage for 4,20 euro/month. (Although you have to pay quarterly, so 12,60 effectively).

    Here's a Geekbench 4 of my server:
    And here are some Ryzen 5 3600 benches:✓&q=Ryzen+5+3600
    As you can see, the single-core isn't as good, but still above average.

    While everything is German, their support was able to answer my English support question.

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