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  1. Hi all!

    My son has really gotten into Minecraft and I've been thinking of setting up a server so he can play with some friends "safely". As a parent, I'm always concerned with him playing online. I've been doing some research and it looks like I can setup a whitelist for him and his friends so no one else can join. It would be running on a Windows 10 PC, and his friends would be playing from different devices (iOS, Xbox, possibly Switch, etc).

    I'm leaning against going with a virtual host because the server would be running mostly on the weekends. But I have some questions that may sway that, so I'm hoping this community can help me out.

    1. There would probably be 10 kids at most playing at the same (possibly expanding to 15 in the future). Most likely it would be a few concurrently.
    2. I do have gigabit internet, so I have the bandwidth, but I've read the usage could be as much as 100mb per user per hour. I don't have any limits at this time, but obviously I don't want my ISP to decide to change their policy because they're seeing spikes in my usage.
    3. I have no idea if I need or should run plugins or mods. I grew up a gamer and play plenty on PC and consoles, but Minecraft was a game I never got into, so I have no idea what's available, what's considered "required" to make the game better, etc.
    4. If I host the server, I would probably only have it running Friday nights through Sunday evenings, then shut it down. If I do that, does their world and creations stay intact or do they lose everything when the server shuts down? One of the reasons I would run it on the weekends is to avoid temptation for them to try to play during the week (homework, family time, etc). I may run it on days when they're out of school, but right now just weekends.
    Given the above information, especially in regards to bandwidth, would it be worth it to still get a host for cheap and just leave the server running all the time, and maybe "lock" the server so the kids can't jump on during the week?

    Also, I see a lot of hosts will say something like $2/GB. Is that referring to memory for the server (ex. $6 for a server with 3GB RAM)?

    Thanks all!
  2. You'll need to host a Minecraft Bedrock server. Not a Minecraft Java server (this forums is for Minecraft Java edition, specifically for Spigot's server software)
    I'm not sure about the requirements for a bedrock server, but I'd assume you wouldn't have any issues hosting it on a regular Windows 10 computer.

    Highly doubt it'll be an issue nor do I think it's 100mb per user per hour.
    I don't think there's an answer for this, since you're asking it on a Java Spigot forums.
    They won't lose it after a shutdown.
    This is correct, but those hosts are also most likely only offering their services for Minecraft Java edition.
    In my opinion, don't bother with all of this considering it's for Minecraft Bedrock. Just go for Minecraft Realms.
    It's perfect for people like you. (Do choose "Minecraft" and not "Minecraft: Java Edition")
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  3. Not sure about Bedrock, but you'd probably have to safely shut down the server to make sure everything is saved before shutting down. For Java, there's a /stop command in the console. Not sure about Bedrock, since multiple server softwares exist.
  4. Hey! Thanks for asking about this.
    1. 10-15 players could be run with 2-4 GB of RAM depending on whether you choose plugins or Forge (mods), because mods take more RAM.
    2. Your internet should not spike from running a small server on weekends. If you have a computer you can use as a dedicated server to leave running during weekends when you want the server to be up. This could be a cheaper option.
    3. Plugins cannot add new items/blocks to the game, generally speaking. Mods can, but they take more power. You also might want to consider whether your players have computers that can run mods.
    4. Shutting down the server won't delete anything anyone has worked on.
    5. Yes, dollars per GB is usually used to refer to RAM.

    Edit: like clx_ said below, mods and Spigot plugins aren't available on Bedrock. I didn't infer that, sorry.
  5. @Yakimuro Do note that mods and Forge isn't available for Minecraft: Bedrock. Nor are the plugins available on available for Bedrock. I would still advise to just get a Minecraft Realms world for Bedrock
  6. Don't worry about your ISP. I home hosted a server for 4 years, and they didn't care.

    Whether you should home host Bedrock Edition is a question I can't answer.
  7. Wow, thanks for the great advice, everyone. And my apologies, I didn't realize this was for the Java edition. Again, I'm new at this and trying to figure it all out to give the kids a good place play with each other. There's just so much information to filter!

    So Bedrock is definitely the way to go, especially since the kids will be using cross platform devices. They all have Xbox Live accounts, which I think is the only requirement for them to play together from different devices. I'll look into this more and post any additional questions in the appropriate forum/website.

    I'll look into Minecraft Realms as well.

    Thanks again, everyone. I really appreciate the quick responses.
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