Hosting advice for xenforo.

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by GetRektByMySkill, May 13, 2018.

  1. hi, i need somewere to host my xenforo, can someone help me, i would want the best free hodting and i dont mind if it has a tld of the company, what i want is a FREE hosting web to host my xenforo forum/web.
  2. I forgot adding something, i need the ability to import a web.
  3. so you want free web hosting?
    i'm assuming just by that you haven't paid for xenforo.

    if you want a CHEAP web host that's good, check my sig.
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  4. I want a free hosting and yes i payed for xenforo, I want a free hosting first just to test somethings before making the real one...
  5. Can you provide your Validation Token please?
    Prove you've bought it here and I will help you, otherwise, no one will help you as we don't support leaked software
  6. I already found hosting, but thanx.
  7. Will prob steal your website files lol. Good luck.

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