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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by meytro, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Hey Spigot Community,

    I'm currently in search for a hoster in west-/north europe where I can get special server from.
    For my Skyblock server I need high singlethreaded performance so the 1271v3 or i7 4790k would be perfect with 32GB RAM and 2x256 SSD + 1TB HDD.

    Does somebody know from you where I can get this hardware with a good DDoS protection?

    PS. At the moment I use a SyS server and except the support Im pretty satisfied with OVH. Does somebody know if I could get this server in their system? I already wrote to the support but I just got a standard answer with "no it's not possible, does the 1620v2 not match with your expections?".
  2. If you're looking for a similarly powered machine but with better support you're going to be paying it. There's a reason why the servers are so cheap.

    What sort of support are you looking for exactly? Minecraft related support, hardware support or software support?
  3. I need just support for my hardware. Don't needed it until now but if I see how long my other "normal" tickets are open and how others complain about their support activity in the OVH forums then I'm not very happy with the situation in case of support.

    By the way I don't have a problem with paying for what I get and Im willing to pay a appropriate amount of money for this server. That was my hope when I asked OVH for special hardware. I get my prefered hardware and therefor I pay a good amount more than for theire other servers.
  4. In that case you may be out of luck, if that ticket reply is anything to go by they don't offer custom hardware configurations. Which is fair enough, if a part breaks down it's cheaper to replace when you can bulk buy them than having to order one specific part for one customer.

    You said "until now", is there something wrong with your server?
  5. Try Hivelocity. I've used them for my File Sharing site and thb, you'll never find the support they give you elsewhere. Not entirely sure about the latency but they can build you a custom server but that's gonna cost you for sure.
  6. Not really. Maybe I miss wrote that: Im pretty satisfied with OVH, but I didn't need their support which is known as bad and slow until now.

    Hivelocity would be something for me if they would host in europe :/
  7. If Europe, try, Choopa etc..
  8. In my shortlist are now Voxility and Intreppid. Does somebody hosts on one of their servers? How are they in 2015?
  9. I hope hivelocity treats their customers better than their Sparknode customers.

    I'd recommend checking out Bigscoots
  10. Please read my thread, I don't want a managed server and it must be somewhere in nord/west europe.
  11. Intreppid is overpriced, and is a little bit less user-friendly than Voxility. Voxility is cheaper and better protective.