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  1. Hi, guys

    It's been a long time since I've been active on Spigot let alone actual Minecraft and I was just wondering if anyone could give any good recommendations on server hosting companies?

    Thanks, Jack
  2. budget?
  3. To be honest it's irrelevant as I just want to know some potential minecraft hosting companies to use for testing
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    I personally use ExtraVM for my small testing servers. Absolutely fantastic.
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  5. Shouldn't this be here?

    IMO too expensive for "testing"
  6. worked pretty good for me
  7. Horrible website on mobile
  8. If its just for testing why don't you just get a free or a bad but cheap hosting?
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    You still salty over that thread in the past? Some of us actually run real businesses.
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  10. Uhm? How is that in any relation? I just shared my opinion but as it looks like he only wants a small test server, I didn't say anything about your product.

    If he is interested in a hosting company for a actual server that needs performance and is public, sure go ahead with ExtraVM it you decide so.
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    Then don't reply regarding ExtraVM. I used to be naive like you.

    Edit: Just like abusing ratings. One day you'll check back at this stuff and realize how you are.
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  12. I usually just use the panel and the client area on mobile which seem to work fine, don't know about their main site though.
  13. Strahan


    Not really, because depending on the application one may be steered between a dedi or a shared platform and budget is certainly not irrelevant. It'd take less time to answer the questions than to write out that it is irrelevant, lol

    What?? Their 1 gig plan is $3 a month. $3 a month is too expensive to you?? Hell, even their top shared plan is only $45. Their dedi is $89 a month. Hell, I was paying Bisect $64 a month for shared hosting so I hardly think ExtraVM's prices are expensive.
  14. Won't go in a deep reply with this as I already discussed with Mike about it. I never said ExtraVM is too expensive for a actual server, but I would not use them for a test server as that usually does not need the given performance. And $3/GB is pricey these days cause of all cheap summer hosts that came up recently.

    Whatever, it's his decision, if he is willing to pay that, sure go ahead.

    End of the discussion.
  15. PebbleHost, one of the best, cheap, reliable hosting companies in the Minecraft community with amazing support (Average response time in Discord is 15 minutes).
  16. Shared... Why would you need my budget? If you suggest a good place to use then I'm going to pay the price regardless of it's expensive or cheap as you do with anything, lol
  17. Strahan


    Did you not read this thread? As seen, people don't always share that attitude. There are some who will gripe if a solution is too expensive so it helps to know budget before wasting time giving suggestions that won't be heeded.
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  18. But are those people the one who is asking for the suggestions? So it doesn't matter if it's too expensive or too cheap. Everyone has their own opinion nothing we can do about it mate.
  19. If all criteria is irrelevant, this thread is simply pointless and you're better off just Googling for companies yourself. There are tons and tons of companies you could use, if you're refusing to give us any direction in what you're looking for (for whatever reason), then we can't really help you. I could suggest you to cheapest VPS I could find from some African hosting company or I could suggest you some full managed enterprise cloud company.

    We don't know what kind of playercount you're looking for, we don't know what your budget is, we don't know in what location you want to host, we don't know how your expertise on servers is to begin with, we don't know if you need a VPS/dedicated server or shared Minecraft hosting, we know nothing. How can we even help you like this?

    All we can do now is list a bunch of companies you could possibly use. Such as: OVH, SoYouStart, Kimsufi, DeluxeNode, ExtraVM, Contabo, GoDaddy, AWS and ReliableSite. Or some Minecraft shared hosts such as MCProHosting, or any other website you find on Google. Does this help you? I doubt it. Why don't you just give us some actual information to work with? If it's for testing, why don't you run things on your own machine?
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