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  1. Hello, I am looking for a server in europe that can accomodate 10 or so friends with room for mods and big worlds.

    I was looking at cheap VPS and found this one:

    We want to be able to play at anytime of the day. The 1st one looks cheap and would cost 1€ per person. We will most likely only run 1 server at a time,but maybe switch jars at any time to loas different worlds and mods.

    Is there any better and cheap hosts?
  2. If you are just with your friends get a shared host, it's way cheaper.
  3. Could you give me any advice in hosters then?
  4. I had a VPS there, and still have a Domain there. The only thing why I don't have a VPS there anymore is that they don't have DDoS Protection and that was not good for my Network, but they are reliable and very good! I would recommend them if you just want it for yourself and your friends!
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  5. OVH Vps's are super laggy.
    Most of the time your with resource hogs. I bought a vps for one server used the entire RAM and all the stuff i can on the server.. super fricken laggy.
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  6. Ovh prices versus contabo prices is like wow.

    Its just for me and my friends, no big network for now, i also have a sys server for now which is a beast,but a vps is much cheaper if just for friends.

    So is contabo any good? I have had an vps there before and had no complains. Im just worried about specs since we plan to run some mods and big worlds
  7. Hmm I Dont have had any problems yet
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  8. Haruka, I will give you tons of hosting information, ill pm you.
    Reason why im not doing here: Might break the forums with all the data.
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  9. Then your lucky your not with resource hogs.
  10. Sure! We can even share skype or somrthing!
  11. Did you even go into considering what I told you?
  12. I would take a look at @TxS_PRIME works there very well known around spigot there cheap 6$ for 1.5 GB so 4/gb
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  13. OVH VPSs are perfectly decent if you just intend to host 20-40 players.
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  14. Then you are lucky. I bought a 8gb VPS from them, and only used 6gb for servers nothing else. And it was super Laggy... Server side. I have a beast computer so like its block lag and stuff...
  15. I agree 100%, I even still buy my own servers from Minerack.
    *not saying that b/c I work there, we're a good damn host!
  16. x_L


    Go with shared hosting.
    I suggest SpartanHost.
  17. Or, if your looking for a VPS/KVM. Still super *REDACTED* [sorry] good. 10/10-IGN
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  18. I would 100% recommend @MikeA host! I would also recommend MPGServers just as much.
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