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  1. Ok, so I'm working on a little web project and I need a SUPER cheap web hosting company or VPS hosting company. So, it needs to be under $5, not be really ugly and outdated and no SolusVM (OS install when ordering). I don't mind waiting more than 1 day for the server to be set up but I would preferably like it to be instant. Also, I don't want any shitty oversold host like HostGator, etc. It doesn't need to be powerful enough to run massive PHP files but it should be beefy enough to handle around 25 - 50 people.

    Thanks everyone,
    Turtle :)
  2. My friend has a dedi, he might be able to hook you up with a cPanel website. For like 4$ or so. Also no dedicated IP. But if you got a domain then you can easily use, includes email, subdomains MySQL, phpmyadmin, and more!
  3. Is he reliable though? I don't want my site shutting off randomly. I think I'd like a proper host more than "your friend."

    Sorry dude. :(
  4. Yes he's reliable. He gave me a 8gb VM, which is nice. But uhm, I understand why you want a proper host. It's reliable, me and my friends hosts our own sites off it, it's perfect for web. It also doesn't randomly shut off. If he needs to do a restart which is very RARE. He warns everyone up to a day before.
  5. I recommend
    I know the owner personally, he is a great guy and his hosting is amazing. I have never had a problem with it, I have a Minecraft server and VPS from InZernet. I do not believe he sells web hosting, but you can get a cheap vps and do whatever you want.
  6. Tux


    Since you don't want SolusVM, I suggest DigitalOcean or Vultr. Vultr has more performance but VMs take a few extra minutes to set up.
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  7. I'll check it out! That name is hilarious though xD
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  8. I already have a droplet with DO so I think I'm going to just go with them! :)
  9. take ovh vps classic1 - for simple webserver it will be fine
  10. I can't get past OVH verification for some reason :/

    tysm <3
  11. Personally been with both XVMLabs (10/10) and LowendSpirit. I only had a NAT IPv4 at LowendSpirit, but I was well aware of what that meant when going into my purchase, used it as a VPN and dropbox/network drive alternative. Very happy with what I got for my 3€.
    Still have two 1GB VPS' at XVMLabs, don't use them for anything though. They have 4 IPv4's each ::⁾
  12. This may seem a little silly, but I'm worried that there will be a ton of downtime or the company will shut off randomly with no explanation. These hosts don't seem too well known. :p
  13. One of my XVMLabs VPSs:
    Code (Text):
    [root /]# uptime
    11:53:01 up 58 days, 12:25,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
    Don't believe I encountered downtime with LowendSpirit either, but again, no IPv4.
    I had a VPS with Bandwagonhost (one of the cheap yearly plans) without any issues as well, never got around actually using it for an extended period of time, though. They offer VPSs with dedicated IPv4s at $4/year.
  14. Thanks dude, I'll look into both of them and then I'll come up with 2 or 3 hosts and then I'll ask which one is best. TYSM, once again.
  15. Ok, so I've ruled it down to 3 hosts: DigitalOcean, PickleHosting and BandwagonHost.

    DigitalOcean: I have a droplet with them already and it would be very quick and easy to spin up another. They have LAMP and LEMP as one-click installs and they have a great community forums. I haven't had any problems with them before and their control panel is so clean and sexy!

    : I know PickleHost is just another shared host, but I'm choosing it for two reasons. The first being that I haven't heard any particularly bad reviews on them. The second being that I formed a short-lived friendship with a staff member there. I went into their live chat and this newbie who had started working there not too long ago greeted me as friendly and helpful as possible. He gave me a coupon and we had a short chat about it and I would just feel so bad if I didn't go with PickleHost (if you're reading this Brian Sy, thanks dude).

    BandwagonHost: So, frash recommended three hosts to me and this looked the most professional. Their website looks respectable and frash said he had no real problems with them, so why not!? I also heard they do massive sales sometimes which is pretty cool because who doesn't like cheap VPS hosting? :p

    So, just reply what you think I should use guys. I'm still leaning towards PickleHosting because of the staff member there. Also, any reviews are great!

    Turtle :)
  16. DigitalOcean is a very nice host (high quality), but not particularily cheap. Not necessarily a bad thing, they're really good if you want to make sure your server is hosted by people who know what they're doing. I would recommend RamNode over them, though.

    I've personally had some negative experience with PickleHosting long ago - reselling dedicated OVH servers at insane prices, employing unprofessional people etc. I can't speak for their actual service though.

    I'd go with BandWagonhost if you aren't hosting something too mission-critical. They're a nice host if you really need to squeeze your budget - $4 per year is a pretty unbeatable price!
  17. I think I want to rule out BandWagonHost because I don't really need a bottom of the line cheap VPS.

    Between DigitalOcean and PickleHosting, DigitalOcean is obviously better but I'll still think about it. @frash23 can you tell me more about your experience with PickleHosting? Thx :)
  18. I haven't actually used PickleHosting, I just know they started out as a shady business employing little kids and reselling OVH dedicated servers at irrational prices.
  19. My friend once ran a popular factions server that was the 4th highest on mcserverlist once. It was a picklehosting server (or a dedi and he was lying to me).

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