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  1. I wanted to know about any cheap services for protecting my internet, I have a domain but still it can be discovered and such as my location and ...

    So I need a cheap DDoS protection service and a better firewall I have seen that I can buy a portable firewall that works as an extra security.

    I wanted to know what you recommend thank you.
  2. I think its 79.9 Mbit/s 20.0 Mbit/s
  3. I want protection for my internet connection just because I am planing to do a server on my own machine and I need to do port forwarding which is dangerous since it puts me in risk of attacks so I wanted to know if there is a piece of hardware that may make it more safe or a cheap service.
  4. My budget for a firewall may go up to 250 if its a hardware piece. I have seen some just don't know which one would do the job.
  5. That's not how it works, pointless to have a firewall if its gonna have a capacity of 80Mbps lol. Doesnt matter if you block the attack, it's already hitting your router so if you;re attacked with 81Mbps and your capacity is 80Mbps then its GG no matter how you look at it.
    I'd recommend you setting up a OVH vps, buy 1 year of their cheapest plan and do NAT forwarding.
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  6. Or BuyVM, their protection is great
  7. Agreed, BuyVM is really good
  8. I homehosted for years without any problems, if you want ddos protection get a host. Otherwise, I can understand why you want protection, but I don't think it's necessary unless you have a community of 20+.
  9. I use a host to protect my IP address to be shown I just chose to swap to a home service my community is currently 50+ I have seen this virtual machine method and made some research on this matter and it goes out of the parameters of my idea I do this for fun and for more study related to network and ways to protect as I go around asking questions I study each service and system you guys provide to me and every day I manage to learn a bit more my real outcome is the understanding of protection and I do appreciate a lot all the support you guys have been giving to me and therefore I would like to say thank you to all you guys.

    I will continue to research more till I get the outcome I expect I am going on a low budget just due to how much I receive of income but all of this for me works in a educational matter. Since I started this I have started to study more how the network works and all of your suggestions opened my mind to everything out there.

    Thank you guys.
  10. I home hosted for 4 years with no problems. Never got DDOSed. And port forwarding does not put you at risk at all. If you're using Windows, I suggest you run the server under a separate user account, so the server can't access other files; this is more likely to happen with a malicious plugin than from outside activity.
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  11. Another solution is to use BungeeCord as a proxy, and get a really cheap VPS from OVH to host the proxy on. If properly configured you can run your spigot server(s) at your home and you should be protected.

    Only issue might be the added latency from the VPS to your home
  12. Tebex(Buycraft) are soon-to-be offering a DDoS protection service if I recall correctly.
  13. Download a VPN and use utorrent to port foward
  14. With this Speed, it would be work fine. In earlyer times, ive hosted with an raspberrypi3. After more than 6 Players it has lagged, id have 10mbits upload

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