Hosting in South East Asia?

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  1. Hello, I'm planning to host a server here in Indonesia, in South East Asia. Are there any good hosting services you would recommend in Indonesia? Or maybe South East Asia?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Your cheapest route is probably to host in singapore or hong kong, other places in SE Asia are many times more expensive

    if you only need a vps or a shared minecraft host take a look and see what you find on lowendbox additionally most major minecraft hosts have servers available in singapore/hong kong/few others as well for example mcprohost etc but these are generally more expensive than just getting a vps/dedi and doing things yourself,

    if you do need a dedicated server
    OVH recently made a dc in singapore and offer some limited dedicated servers, not sure if their DC is live yet or if its a preorder thing
    Usonyx offers a few dedicated servers altho im not sure as to how good price/performance is since I've never had to host in se asia
    Dataplugs offers 9 different tiers in Hong Kong
    JakataWebHosting has a few servers but they seem kinda expensive for the specs
    if you dont care quite as much about ping you could try korea/japan
    kdatacenter offers a few servers in korea that seem ok in price
    Oneprovider also has a boat load of servers in korea, Hong Kong, japan, Thailand and singapore
  3. Do you know of any dedicated Minecraft hosts? Like the type of hosts that are made for Minecraft or have packages specifically for Minecraft that have servers in Asia?
  4. I'm simply relying to this thread for all those who end up here. I wish there was a way not to bump it.

    China HK and SG with your second month free. We'll install mods but you admin your own server and plugins. We also have paid admin time for plugin customizations. Cheers!