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  1. Hello,

    I know this is very scarce but I am still trying to figure out if there's really any other hosting aside from MCProHosting.

    Currently, we are at MCPro because they have the Singapore Server Nodes and it was really a big help for us since almost all our playerbase are from Southeast Asia (a few from UK and US).

    If someone knows better than MCProhosting that can cater my playerbase, please let me know.

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  2. The chances are you wont find anyone better than McPro in Asia, purely because everything costs so much there.

    I looked into it for my hosting company 'ProxaneCloud' and I've got a few viable options but I would only be able to use them for publicity, a full node of 64GB would only give me a revenue of $20.

    If you want some links to VPS or Dedicated Hosting in Asia send me a PM and I'll be more than happy to help but in terms of shared hosting I doubt you would get much.

    Maybe look into West Coast US?
  3. We've tried HostHorde, and BisectHosting but both are causing so much lag to us and to our players. Now, we're on our 2nd month with MCPro.

    The reason why I posted this was because someone was like saying we're paying too much for a host. But for me, it's not really the case since it was worth it, less laggy compared to the 2 mentioned above.

    But maybe, just maybe, there's a hosting out there that can cater us.

    Was also thinking about Australian Server Nodes but still not sure about its performance.
  4. What is your budget?
  5. currently, we're paying $20 @ MCPro, but I saw some host offers more ram at that price XD
  6. Well thats a pretty good deal then, If you had some extra money to play around with I might be able to help..
  7. GeorgeHousley123


    I heard that Mcprohosing some times does 50% off if you ask them, My dev got the top plan for $30 a month.
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  8. Your best bet is probably to get a VPS in your desired location and then install the server yourself (or hrie a sysadmin).
  9. I will try to ask them. I did went on using a coupon but 10% doesn't helping much LOL

    This will be my last resort.
  10. Is there any good reason you have not to? The cost of a VPS + Sysadmin is probably a bit less then shared hosting (at least in your desired location) + shared webhosting.
  11. It's because I have no clue how t setup this one.
  12. For SE Asia, the best location is Hong Kong (not Singapore or Japan, which is a common misconception), which you can use Softlayer for a virtual or dedicated machine. Since McPro uses Softlayer for their global location, it's best to use their Hong Kong location.
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  13. It is easy enough to hire a sysadmin. Additionally, as I said, the cost of a VPS + sysadmin could easily be less than what you are paying right now.
  14. Don't think so..

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    If you're after a VPS, Linode may be an option.
  16. +1 for Linode Japan. As well, DigitalOcean Singapore is really good if you don't have a credit card.
  17. md_5

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    Linode has Singapore now which is actually what I was thinking of :)
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  18. You could potentially purchase a MultiCraft license so you don't have to worry about administrating the VPS once it's setup.
  19. I'm not sure about this but uhmm can $20 plan handle 41 plugins and less than 30 players?
  20. Probably will work fine. You can always try it out. With Linode and DigitalOcean you pay per the hour, so worst case scenario you spend a dollar or two and it doesn't work.
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