Hosting issue + Multi servers inside of 1 server

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  1. hi I’m trying on figuring out a way to have 12 servers but running on 1 CMD/terminal.

    i have a hosting network but it cant support bungeecord so i have to improvise.
    by the way the servers are.
    Hard Factions
    Op Prison
    Mini Games
    and a few others.

    but i cant use multi universe as a separate server because theres multiple servers that have the use of a certain plugin and they would overlap
    + inventories
    + warps
    + ranks
    + commands
    + basically everything

    i would love for some suggestions about help.
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    What are you hosting on? VPS, Dedicated, Home or shared?
    Why can't you use bungee?
  3. its hosthorde currently either trying to get a way around it or find a better host
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    You won't find any hosting company that allows that.
    Unless you use multiverse, it's not possible. You would need a port for each server.
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    If you're on a single shared server, you won't be able to achieve this without hacky plugins like Multiverse and PerWorldPlugins.

    It's better to get a dedi or a VPS, and install Multicraft if you need it, and do it all from there.

    Unless you buy multiple shared servers and use 1 for Bungee, etc. But, doing this will result in you needing to use plugins to secure your servers from spoofed logins.
  6. It's probably a good idea to get a VPS or a dedi for it. If your starting like a low budget, try Kimsufi or SoYouStart, just the hardware is sorta limited depending on your budget.
  7. I once tried to create a full fledged network on a single "server" just to see what it would become performance wise.

    I had the generic factions, survival, skyblock and kit pvp.

    Not only was it monstrously impossible for a large amount of reasons, it was also very very CPU intensive.

    I highly recommend you don't try this, or you're looking into hours of wasted time trying to fix what cannot be fixed.
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  8. ok thanks for the help all i need now is if yous can give me any reliable server hostings for starter thats not a rip off + no lag + anti ddos
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  10. ok thx gaxan taken into consideration!