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  1. Hello all!

    So I am almost ready to release my Factions server to the public but have a few questions relating to Hosting. Reading the other threads on here I can see that a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is better compared to purchasing dedicated Minecraft hosting from sites such as MCHostingPro. My only question is how much RAM should I go for? I am using quite a few plugins (15+) and would like to have around 200 player slots (+50 for donators). I am thinking that 8GB would be suited but am contemplating 12GB. Also, how difficult would it be to host my server? I imagine my server would have to be on CentOS but would it be a case of just zipping up the server on my machine, uploading and unzipping? Then blocking all ports except 25565 and 3389 (For remote desktop)? And of course setting a backup schedule for every week?

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  2. So you want to use windows? I wouldn't recommend to do that
  3. Definitely not, will be using CentOS
  4. Linux uses ssh. So port 22.
  5. Ah okay, thank you
  6. A good shared host will easily outperform cheap VPS hosts. I suggest looking at shared first, but choose carefully - there are a lot of either crappy or kiddie/summer hosts out there. If you're looking for 12 GB but don't want to go the shared hosting route, I suggest looking at dedicated servers. Kimsufi provides ultra cheap machines, though it should be noted that again you may see better performance on a good shared host using modern hardware.

    tldr: Shared hosting is a lot better than some people think, so don't overlook the possibility of finding a great shared host. The crappy providers out there just give us all a bad rep unfortunately.
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  7. If its your first server I would recommend you a shared hosting first. If the server grow and receive support and donations then I would recommend you buying a VPS or even a Dedicated servers.
  8. I agree. Shared hosting can often be cheaper than a VPS for a smaller server network with not many players.
  9. Yep, shared hosting is usually priced in a way to make it cheaper than getting your own VPS. If this is your first server I would suggest taking the shared hosting route to avoid any potential problems.
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  10. Thanks everybody for your help, although you have suggested a shared host rather than a VPS I am going to go down the route of a VPS as I am a software developer during the day and am familiar with servers so will be able to resolve any issues that arise. Thanks again :)
  11. Contabo has great vps packages. Check them out.
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  12. Thanks for the help, I'm going to go with OVH instead
  13. Glad to hear! Which distribution of Linux?