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  1. Hi was looking at a host checker a found that a lot of popular servers run on Ovh or something and I was checking it out a maybe wanted to host a server but don't really now how to. Do I use dedicated server or a Vps.I am more familiar with host like shockbyte and or those types of host.
  2. If you want a server for you and a couple friends run a VPS. If your looking to run a Network run Dedicated.

    Both of these options require knowledge of UNIX commands.

    The main differences between VPS and Dedicated are in the name.

    Virtual Private Servers run on a Dedicated server so you share resources with other people. Dedicated is your own machine, so you know your getting all the Resources from the server.
  3. Hello,

    Well it depends, if you are sure that your server gonna have a high amount of players then you would go with a dedicated, but if it's just a small server you will open then your best choice would be a VPS or just buy minecraft hosting, about those hosts you mentioned, to be honest is kind of overpriced same for Shockbyte (Kind of), you can find way better deals at other hosting companies. also not sure how much I can recommend OVH to be honest, their support is almost non-existent, they are like a price trap company in my opinion...

    If you got any other question or need any help, feel free to message me ^^

    Good luck with your server!
  4. Thanks for all the replies.What are good Vps hosts out there?
  5. Shared Minecraft hosting would be a much better choice in that case.
  6. I use 1and1 (Ionos now) they are cheap and have excellent Customer support IMO. They generally have the VPS ready in less then 10 minutes.

    They also have an awesome Panel Online to manage Traffic Rules and such.