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  1. Hello,

    I've been involved in the hosting industry for years now, but I've officially decided I'm going to start-up my own hosting company. My team and myself have the required skills to create an amazing hosting company.

    Although, I'd like the Spigot community's input. Is there one, or multiple hosting providers you'd recommend? In the future we plan to build our own machines and do Co-location, but as of now we'll be renting from a company. Is there any companies you'd recommend that offer decently priced Dedicated Servers that are high quality?

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  2. Decent hardware, network and DDoS protection?
  3. Yes, looking for at least 32GB's of RAM, and a good CPU.
    And DDoS protection wouldn't hurt.
  4. Colocation or just a single dedi and wich location do you prefer so i can maybe help you with it :).
  5. As of now, I'd prefer a Dedi, I plan to do Co-location down the road.
    And central US, or Canada. Once the hosting gets up an running, we'll be adding more locations.
  6. Yes, I'm very fond of OVH, but the only issue I see is that they don't have US locations, only in Canada and France.
  7. Having to ask isn't really a sign of competence, but whatever.

    You're not going to want co-location of custom built hardware, trust me. Letting your provider handle the hardware is going to save you a lot of time and money. Co-locating your own hardware sounds like an improvement in theory, but it is a downgrade in every way possible.

    I'd recommend looking for CPUs in the high end of the E5-1XXX series (specifically not the 2XXX ones) - the more cores the better as long as you aren't sacrificing single-threaded performance (which can be estimated from the frequency of the chip as long as they're in the same series).
    I'd suggest striking a custom deal (maybe something akin to a partnership) with smaller providers such as ReliableSite or Psychz. If you're not up for that: Choopa or LimeStoneNetworks. Your entire company will go down the drain as soon as the public knows you're using OVH hardware (whether or not that actually correlates to service quality), not that they're a good option for this in the first place.

    Make sure you aren't running Multicraft - it's a piece of shit. I've been in business a couple of times over the years, we did best when running our custom panel.

    As a final note, just a warning from a friend: Please don't. The market is over-saturated to the brim point it's spilling floods constantly. You'll have trouble getting over your initial investments, no matter the quality of the service you provide. What you're doing is riskier than investing a large amount of money in Bitcoin during a major rally.

    Their Canada locations are closer to the center of America than some parts of actual America:
    Latency is in no way an issue here.
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  8. If i remember their lines from Canada to US were broken and it had also loads of issues to EU.
  9. The entire BHS datacenter had an incident where the fibers where cut a while ago. It was resolved within a few hours. The BHS datacenter provides a formidable connection to the world considering its location as long as it's not congested.
  10. I know.
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  11. OVH has about 25ms~ to NYC (which, according to your map, is right next to it), fyi. So if latency is a concern latency will be an issue.
  12. I fail to see how 25ms is an issue.
  13. Consider the fact that NYC <-> Washington DC is 7ms and it's much further and you'll understand the latency is suboptimal.
  14. Reliablesite has great hardware but the downside is their 10Gbps DDoS protection....
    I never used or had any experience with psychz but with what i see they are maybe great for what you need :).
    25ms is nothing if you compare from netherlands --> OVH BHS (~90 to 150ms)
  15. Sure, it's something to take into consideration if you have resources distributed across multiple DCs, but how would 25ms be an issue for an average Minecraft hosting provider assuming all machines are in the same DC?
  16. Latency adds up. If it's 25ms to NYC, it's an additional 25ms to everywhere else in the US.

    It's not an issue, just a point against them being "right next to the US." Just showing you how misleading that is.
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  17. Not exactly, I've worked out ways to get the majority of the costs handled.
    Good priced web hosting, and I already have a lifetime WHMCS. So the only real cost is the dedicated server and the Multicraft licenses (Which I still plan to cover, May use a custom panel). Plus, I'm not having to hire a developer. I'm able to sell at around $5/gb and still earn some decent profit.

    Also with offering other purchasable additions such as ModPack installation, and purchasable sub-domains that also increases my profits.

    I understand that It's a risk, but what isn't in this world we live in.
  18. What do you plan on using the web hosting for?
    I know what the costs are - I don't think my point really reached you. You'll have trouble paying off just your server bills alone. Would could sell at $99/GB and make bank, that doesn't mean you're actually going to get any clients.

    It's not about being a risk or not. Breathing is risk. I'm saying this is a much, much higher risk than so many others.
    It's a waste of time that seems fun until you get really into it, then you realize the box of feces you've locked yourself inside.
  19. I've made sure that even with a minimal amount of clients, I'll still have enough funds to cover my servers bills, without pulling money out of pocket. And yes I understand It's a large risk. Getting clients isn't always easy, I know that first hand. But, if you have the time, and patience to advertise your hosting on multiple sites, and actually provide high quality services, the clients will come. I understand I may not get 50+ clients/servers off the start, but I know that they'll come if I truly try.

    With forums, communities, advertisement, and just spreading the word, the clients will come. Which is why I'm taking as much time as I need, to create a GOOD hosting, not just some sloppy site & servers that will fail in a month.
  20. Everything you've mentioned so far is something the mayfly hosts do, but good luck.