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  1. Everything you've mentioned makes it seem like hosting is impossible, just because you've had a bad experience, doesn't mean it makes it bad. If it was so hard, and so risky, there wouldn't be hosts out there. I've had plenty of experience working for large companies, and I know how they work, and I know what to expect.

    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Weren't you asking the same questions for another type of hosting service?
  3. No? I haven't been active on Spigot in around 2 months.
  4. Wrong person then. Sorry, lol.
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  5. I've had good experience. I'm just stating the current market.

    What you're doing is like trying to sell children's clothing to a demographic consisting of only grown men whose main profession is bodybuilding. It may work if you're lucky in some rare cases, but it's too late to do it now. Should've done it when the same people where still kids.

    It's like trying to open a pizza restaurant in a city with 20K inhabitants and 50 active pizza restaurants.
  6. So your basically stating nobody purchases Minecraft servers anymore lol?
    Cause I'm sure I can present you with some statistics that beg to differ.
  7. No, I'm saying that you can't read and need to get your head out of your ass.
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    I agree about the first part, but about Multicraft, every security risk can be easily fixed if the person has common knowledge of linux. It is smart to rent servers at first, though.

    I did a traceroute to an HE POP in NYC and got 9-12ms. Guess it depends on the network.`
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    Can approve of this,

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  10. The exploit I linked grants root access to the machine through the multicraft application itself. Unless you're hosting each panel on a virtual machine for every client, you cannot defend yourself, as the project itself is closed source.

    Seriously, take a gander at the source.
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  11. Hm. From Choopa (RS) -> BHS I'm getting a solid 9.5-10ms.
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  12. No matter that I say, you're just going to be negative and attempt to make me question everything lol.
    Anyways, you have your opinion, and I have mine.
  13. I'm glad it has improved since I last tested :)
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  15. Only if you should be questioning it. My first analogy was terrible, just use the second one if you insist.
    I gave you a lot of legitimate advice in my first response, but you insist on denying it all with reasons that are mere opinions and five-second speculation.
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  16. Hmmm, there are many big hosts out there running pretty well with Multicraft. I don't think that is an issue :) Everyone has their opinions.
  17. Look at the date - the exploit is almost half a year old. Of course it's fixed by now. It was a huge issue for over a month.
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  19. It was an example - want me to change it to "couldn't"?
  20. Best of luck to you. Colocation is great... If you have high enough profit margins to maintain your hardware and upgrade every few years. You'll save quite a bit of money doing so. Colocating just a single server or two will most likely lose you money. You'd want to fill up at least half a rack to see the returns you want. If you're going to start hosting today don't be just like every other provider out there reselling OVH and Multicraft. That combination is everywhere now and I don't see much difference in providers offering it. The only thing setting them apart is the middleman part of support, which can be very lacking when you're already competing on price. I'm in no way saying those providers are bad, but it would make succeeding in that part of the market very difficult. Don't be afraid to do something different and unique.
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