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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by KyTDK, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Hello, I am looking for a list from one of you guys or girls of the best performance hosting provider, I want a really good CPU, and fast everything. I don't want to to be mcprohosting because their performance isn't even that good.

    Thank you
  2. I will check them out, thank you for the reply.
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  3. Rather, I gave a bad response, a GOOD host for any server, it's
    good prices
    Great support
    Very good price and high performance
  4. @catan77 That looks good but I need unmetered space.
  5. I recommend deluxenode as beastnode oversells and their hardware isn't up to par. Check my signature for more
  6. BisectHosting. Get a Premium server.
  7. $6.00 for half a gig is way too much, especially compared to a lot of other hosting companies
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  8. He said he wanted "the best performance hosting provider." The best costs money.

    Fast, reliable, cheap -- Choose any two.
  9. If that was the case, then you would be saying the iPhone XS is the best phone on the market. Deluxenode provides more powerful hardware at a cheaper price.
  10. More powerful hardware means nothing if they load it up with 10x the number of users.
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  11. We don't care about the money made. Our aim is to provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost we can do.
  12. He said performance, not quality, popularity, or rep in which deluxenode outdoes in every way.
  13. I'm nitpicking. In part because it's frustrating when people come on here and ask for "the best" or "the cheapest", when there isn't any correct answer. Add to that the people who post the hosts they use, because it validates their extremely wise decision to use host "X".

    The US$3/GB-and-under list is useful, considering that's a reasonable price point. But the OP said nothing about price.
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  14. ya well it says the CPU's companies use so
  15. If you're looking for a very cheap VPS with-in europe , you can try . It offers cheap VPS with pre-installed distros of Linux such as CentOS and others.
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  16. Oversold and a small sized DDoS attack can get your VPS nullrouted or even terminated.
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  17. Without a normal and stable hosting, it’s all like riding a dead horse. Order yourself a good hosting and the server will be stable.

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