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  1. Hello,

    I have a ks-4 and i was wondering if i am able to host a towny/survival, skyblock and maybe creative with this?
    Also, should i be able to host like a forums on it too?

  2. Yeah, should do perfectly fine.
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  3. With the right optimisations I don't see why you couldn't host that ;)
  4. Alright, thanks :D
    Alright, i already have one for spigot but what others do you recommend to be optimized?
  5. You don't really need any optimizations at launch but, when you experience lag issues(which I doubt it will).
    I have a Ks-4 and it's not working great. I run Bungee and 3 Spigot instances on it.
  6. I have the E3-SSD-3. Works like a charm. :)
  7. We had an E4 last year and honestly we didn't need the power of it.

    The KS-4 is a good mid-ranged server and can handle around 60-70-80 people on each cores(4) and would work great with enough optimizations.
  8. Yeah, but I just read that kimsufi use hardware which are nearing end of life & I wanted an ssd for its speed.

    However what processor do you use ?
  9. Alright, thanks. As you may know ovh does not offer any backup solution for kimsufi, and i am just wondering.. is there any way to backup my server using like alternatives?
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  10. You could just buy another VPS or something and back everything up onto it.
  11. RSNET-Radic


    There is, fairly affordable VPS storage.
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  12. I have a Euro 5 dedibox which has a 500GB SHDD for all my backups. It's been up for a few weeks and no downtimes at all.
    Also, the Dedibox are equipped with a 1Gbit port.
  13. Alright, thanks
    I will make sure to check it out :D Thanks.