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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Kurosuna, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a hosting service. I need one that is reliable and can handle massive world sizes to upload. Good support preferred. Money isn't something I am looking too much on, but I suppose it should be reasonable in pricing.
  2. I'd take a look at DeluxeNode. If your server is under heavy load, I'd suggest their Enterprise plans. Their support isn't good, it's great, near instant support in their Discord. Another thing is they use AMD Threadrippers instead of Intel i7's so multiple servers on the node does not grind all servers to a halt. (Large cache, more cores and good clockspeed). They have some reviews here and there's usually someone in the discord to answer any questions you might have.

    SkyNode have some okay plans and I've heard some good things about their support through their Discord but imo DeluxeNode's machine specs and prices are better.
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  3. Whichever host you pick, I suggest asking for a test server and machine specs. Dishonest hosts usually refuse to give machine specs.
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  4. I'd take a look at They have unlimited SSD storage which is what I am assuming you would want.
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  5. Hello there. If you are really looking for a professional grade server get NODECRAFT. I can't stress this enough. They have the best hardware, support, and panel. Their price is totally worth it. I honestly wouldn't go back to anything else.
  6. WardleDeBoss have you used enterprise plans on deluxenode?
  7. Move away from shared hosting and purchase a dedicated box from OVH.
    You'll have a lot more freedom to do things you wish to do and their hardware is top of the range and well managed.
    Great company. Need any help setting it up, let me know.
    Warning: It's not a Minecraft host. But you do get the freedom of doing what you like on it.
  8. No, I haven't but ask in their Discord. Pretty sure a few people use enterprise.

    Don't agree, if all you need is Minecraft hosting and especially one server, why would you waste money on a dedicated from OVH? Their cheapest dedicated is £44.99/m with 32GB of ram. For a single server, you don't need that. Yes you can do more than host your server on it but if you're not experienced with that type of thing and only need it for Minecraft, it's 100% not worth it.
  9. DeluxeNode, BisectHosting, and McProHosting. All three very good hosts, great features, support, and low prices.
  10. 10 dollars per gigabyte is not cheap in my opinion.
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  11. There are multiple coupon codes that work lifetime, or at least used to be.

    Personally, I've been use BisectHosting and they are by far my favorite.
  12. How is the 8Tbps Enterprise protection?
  13. So if I only have $0.05 and want a server for 5 months they will negotiate with me? Holy shit...
  14. Hetzner will do as well, but this depends on where you life. If you life in Europe try hetzner auction server.
    I have a auctioned server with an i7 4770 and 32GB ram + 2x2TB HDD for 28 euro's.
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  15. Depends, If you're like a early beginner start with a hosting that've got like mcmyadmin etc. If you're a bit more advanced order a shared vps. Etc.
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