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  1. Hello guys, my current server is about to finish (I have a couple of months left) and sometimes I seemed to see that this was already a little short because of the plugins that I have been adding.

    My hosting has vCPU x 2 (E5-2650 (2.0 / 2.80 GHZ)), 7gb ram and 25gb SSD. The truth is that the host is good, in Spanish, located in Paris (France, near Spain) and when I buy it was so cheap. As the year has passed it has become very expensive and decreasing in features they offered. That's why I want to change to a new host and by the way with more power so that I can continue to insert plugins that are going to require a lot of ram. What I have had so far has been a hosting that came directly from the minecraft server, you chose a version, choose java 7 or 8 and the server was ready. As I've been told, I need at least a VPS to have more vCPU (which is something that interests me a lot), but I do not know how a VPS works, Is it very difficult to use? Does it have a graphical interface where it is easy to install anything? (web, ts3, forum or even minecraft server). If you are so kind to answer these questions and in case you know some good quality / price hosting, tell me.
    However, I for the moment have two viewed, I leave them in the order of preference that I at this time have for simplicity of hosting.

    - The first is from "OMGServ", which offers vCPU x4 (E5-2670 (2.6 / 3.3 GHZ)), 16GB ram and 50GB SSD and costs 165€ per year. For what I have been able to see, it seems (I don't know if it's) that the vps have a graphic interface (the photos at the end of the web page). The host is in Paris, near Spain.

    - The second one was recommended to me by a user of the spigot community, the hosting is called "contabo" , but in this when I want to buy it, there are a lot of options that baffle me and make me doubt if I need these options for my server, if it works for ms-dos (cmd), etc ... This is also worth 165€ per year and offers vCPU x6 (ES-2620v3 or E5-2630v4)), 24 ram and 600GB SSD. This hosting is in Germany, I do not know if distance will be a problem. In this option is better in terms of characteristics to the previous one, but for some reason I do not feel it so reliable or if it is more acceptable since the hosting that I choose, is graphical (whether VPS or not). And if you know information that helps me decide for one of these two or a third that you know whether VPS or not, thank you in advance, David.


    (VPS L Option)


    (VPS L SSD Option)

    PD: Although I did not say in the post, my current hosting as the others two has protection ddos and all the frequencies of the ram are 1600 ddr3, it would be convenient if the one to be had also had. And I hope people who are now looking for a host can be of help by this post.
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