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  1. I used to just run a small family server from my PC, but I got tired of performance issues and an IP address that would change occasionally. So I have decided to seek hosting. I'm not having fun with this process.

    First I signed up for It didn't recognize my credit card expiration date as valid, so I used my wifes. Same problem. So I used PayPal. That worked. I defined my password as asked on their site. Big mistake. I didn't know my junk email folder had emails from them and this included a randomly generated password from them I needed to use to set stuff up. I had locked my account out. The next day when I had figured this all out I learned about how to FTP my world over there and got the family playing together. The servers went down two nights in a row right when we had the rare opportunity to all play together. 99.9% advertised up time, mind you... One family member could only get lucky enough to log in and play with us at random, getting disconnect errors. I decided to seek a different host.

    So last night I singed up for as someone here had recommended them. The credit card seemed to work, but I'm not 100% sure, because when I logged in it said I had an unpaid invoice. So I tried to pay it, and added 5$ to my account with my card to pay it. That also showed up as an unpaid invoice... So... well after much frustration below is the exchange with their support. It will talk about my other problem and the response is... unsatisfying.

    My support request
    Yesterday I tried to sign up for a server. I paid with a credit card and verified my email. I have multiple emails from anvilnode, and yesterday I logged in. I had an unpaid invoice, which was surprising as I had just paid. I tried to pay that and added 5$ to my account. It then also showed up as an unpaid invoice. I opened a support ticket explaining this. I got no reply so I went to sleep. Today I got an email about my support ticket, but I can't log in to check it. When I try to retrieve my password, it doesn't recognize my email address even though I've gotten emails from anvilnode and used that email as my log in yesterday.

    What the hell is going on? I just wanted to set up a server for my family. This is even more cumbersome than the place I'm trying to leave. If I don't have a server running with you guys in 4 hours, I will never be using your services again and I'm telling the person who referred me on MCSpigot about this terrible experience.

    Their support response
    Hi Mike,

    It looks like you didn't log in to your billing account when creating the support ticket; it's okay! We're still here to help you, however, to prevent others from using your account, we must verify you are who you say. We ask that you log in to your account and use this link to provide us with your security PIN. We will then link this ticket to your account for fast access.

    If you are unable to do this, we will be unable to help you. If you are having issues logging into your account, please contact us with another ticket.

    Kind Regards,
    Managing Director

    I can't even reply to their ticket because it's tied to an account that I can't get into. FML

    Does anyone know of a server hosting service that I can depend on?
  2. Does the name and all details under the account you registered with these providers match the name and details on the card? If any details don't match the card it is possible the card is getting rejected to prevent fraud (mismatching details indicates a higher risk the card may be stolen).

    If card payments still aren't working, there are other providers who also offer multiple different payment methods such as PayPal (which you mentioned you did use successfully), Bank Transfer, Prepaid Cards, Mobile SMS payments, etc.
  3. I am using my card elsewhere online just fine, and I'm sure my account usernames and passwords are set up right, with the exception of when they sent me that random generated password to my junk folder.

    If anyone knows good hosting for an area around Alabama or Dallas, let me know, please and thanks!
  4. So, anvilnode has failed me. I tried to continue with support from them, but it lead nowhere. They wanted screenshots (which I provided) of my emails showing I have an account with them on that email address. They said there is no account with that email address. I don't know what happened, but working with anvilnode was frustrating and didn't work for me at all. I can't believe there are fans out there of this company. Maybe it's just my luck, but I don't recommend them.

    Oh, also, for Shockbyte above, I couldn't contact their sales on their website. It gave me an error. I recommend that anyone that Shockbyte contacts for sales try and send them a support ticket BEFORE you do business with them to see their response time (if the ticket works at all, it didn't for me).
  5. I believe psychz had a location in dallas or alabama, they were quite good when i used them.
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  7. I would suggest using the following 4 hosting companies: TitanNodes, CubikNode, Deluxenode and ExcaliburNode as well.
  8. After an unsatisfactory experience with Anvilnode, I switched to BisectHosting. Their service has been just about perfect. If you choose a premium package, you can choose Dallas for the location; BisectHosting runs a test server you can try at The bad news is they're twice as expensive as Anvilnode. (I'd rather pay more money for fewer headaches.)
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  9. Hello,

    Anvilnode owner here. Your account was removed due to a bug with customer data retention settings within the billing system we use. We have had 1 occurence of this before you but couldn't pinpoint the exact cause until we had the situation with you.

    Happy to inform you that the bug has been fixed and we're sorry for not being able to provide an acceptable experience for you.

    Best of luck with your choice.
  10. Well, you just made them a sale. I linked your reply as a referral. I will thank you properly after my Minecraft life is easier. The last straw was broken with today. They tried to retain my business, but they are just cursed. I'm so done with them. As soon as they come back up I'm FTPing my files to my PC then right over to bisect.
  11. Bisect Hosting is quite good. Great hardware, and you won't be left with a headache.

    If you haven't purchased a server there yet, I highly do recommend you go visit Sparked Host's website. They have powerful servers, and their staff team replies to discord tickets literally within seconds. Great people working there. @DBoss is so chill, too (CEO of Sparked Host). He knows how to handle his clients.

    Sparked has never given me issues while I've had a shared server with them. And hey, they work around the majority's budget which is nice (highly recommend you get their premium shared servers).

    From what I hear, you would have a wonderful time with Sparked, hosting a server for your family.

    (Stay away from Shockbyte, though. Terrible experience I had there.)

    Anyhoo, best of luck finding a host!
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  12. Oh, I was really close to going to Shockbyte. Glad I changed my mind. I went ahead with BisectHosting, and so far it's smooth as can be. It's a great contrast to the crap put me through.
  13. Wonderful. I hope all goes well there!

    And yeah, good choice not going with Shockbyte. I lost $70 from them. Long story short, don't get involved with them. Save yourself the trouble.

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