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  1. Which hosting does most server use? And i want a cheap hosting.
  2. My recommendation to you is to use the "Search" box and search for a few of the many threads on this topic.
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  3. *sigh*

    There's a ton of threads out there asking the same question.

    I'm going to assume you're looking for shared hosting, just pick anyone besides mcpro, and ggservers. I know Shockbyte sells servers $2.50/gb.
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  4. I want servers that can run 32GB like other servers do.
  5. Like @Acharige said try Shockbyte or if you want more power and ram try a dedicated from OVH or SoYouStart.
  6. All those servers use these?
  7. No. All servers are paying about more then $1k a month for their servers, and unless you can pay 1k a month don't bother trying.

    Edit 1: After thinking about it I think big servers are actually paying more then like 3k.
  8. Cldfire

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    No, you don't. You'd be fine with 6 GB starting out. You should really do a lot more research before starting a server, with that kind of mind set.

    You aren't going to get 32 GB cheap, either.
  9. If you're talking about mineplex, well more then that, but if you're talking couple hundred, most spend $300-$850
  10. What server hosting can use 32GB?
  11. well remember it overall depends what type of server they are running and the instances. I am saying a few $k because I am talking about the major servers. The big servers for ex. Shotbow sure maybe about 1k max.
  12. Justin quick question, do you know how to operate linux and install all the necessities to run a server?
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  13. I'd get two E5-1650v1 3.2 Ghz's from @Intreppid. Amazing performance and sexy pricing. Just make sure to tunnel to each server...
  14. Sad thing is, I KNOW RIGHT! XD XD XD XD
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  17. Answer me, what server hosting can use 32GB, i just want to know.
  18. Buy a dedicated server. If you don't have the money for that then just buy some shitty shared hosting. You need to realize that not all servers use the same host. It's not like there's a select few companies that host all the popular servers.
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