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  1. Hello i bought a domain for my website and my friend said i can hook up the domain to my minecraft server but i dont know how to can anyone tell me how?
  2. go into srv records and change it there, you with a host or hosted on your own pc?
  3. go into DNS then SRV records and ask your host for the things you need to fill out, then it should start to work within 24 hours or much less!
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  4. i dont think thats it
  5. that is the correct page, you need to ask your host for the value and name.
  6. heres what happens when i hover over the i
  7. does your hosting company have a support forums? maybe you can ask them for what to fill out in SRV records.
  8. Because every host has a different value and name etc...
  9. do you recommend any domain companys
    im looking for Play.MineCore.Net
  10. I use bisecthosting they have cheap minecraft hosts etc.. and allow you to buy domains and they help with a lot of things and gave me support for setting domains up!
  11. I just want to say that hostinger is a pile of crap, I tried to install xenforo and their cpanel is so old that I though it's a cpanel knockoff and their MySQL didnt want to work, and their PHP was also old and Xenforo was giving me errors about it if it would install on that MySQL, I also got a reply to a support ticket after 2 months but at that point I already moved to a better host, I recommend moving to a premium host.
  12. Im useing it right now it works im thinking of moving to xomthing else
    but the only errors i have is when i try to install xenporta
  13. When you're posting, try and keep all posts in one message. Not across two messages, that really only needs one post.

    Link to the website?

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