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  1. nulled lmfao
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  2. I've used Hostinger a lot in my past for easy projects, and I have to say, it works great.
    For the domain, you could go with namecheap, where I bought my domain.
    For the DNS, you should go with changing it at your domain hosting service.
    The root ( without anything before) should go to your hostinger site,
    play should go to your server's domain as a CNAME record, and then save.
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  3. yah the owner didnt want to pay for xenforo yet
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  4. I'm gonna sum something up:
    • free webhosting plan from hostinger
    • .xyz (makes sense it doesn't cost so much on hostinger)
    • nulled xenforo
    Anything to say about that the owner isn't about to pay for xenforo and will never do that?
  5. We're not helping with nulled xenforo.
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  6. use Its Pretty cheap and good.

    or if you want a free one: or
  7. is aids.
    Namecheap is the best thing to use for domains.
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  8. tbh is not bad...
  9. It is. It really is.
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  10. Ive been using it for about a year now.... hasnt disapointed me yet .
  11. for domains for DNS
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  12. Exactly.
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  13. Doing the same thing.
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  14. cloudflare takes forever..
  15. Not if you buy a proper .com, .net or .org domain.
  16. Lets stay on topic here.
  17. Are you running on port 25565?

    Edit: it seems I'm funny for reading the question.
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  18. w0t?
    This question is about XenForo, but no one should help him as it is nulled.
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  19. I have absolutely no clue where you got that from, read the OP;
    He is looking to point his domain to his Minecraft server...