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  1. I heard that so many times, or
    "I didn't buy it, my friend did"
    and when I ask for validation token it's
    "I can't talk to him, he's away"
    "I don't have access to the Admin panel"

    Now when it comes to the domain, it's not hard, there's a million videos out there about setting up subdomains to point to a MC server ect, I would've helped you but you have nulled XenForo
  2. Look stop hijacking this thread; go take your petty arguments to a private message - whether or not he is running a nulled version XenForo has absolutely nothing to this thread. You've literally said you are refusing to help so there is no need for you to keep posting in this thread.
  3. Spigot doesn't condone nulled software as far as I'm aware.
  4. I didn't condone it, I said it has nothing to do with this thread - last time I checked, helping someone to point their domain to their Minecraft server doesn't mean you condone the use of nulled software. If you are so concerned, report the site to XenForo and stop hijacking this thread.
  5. You told me that if he has nulled xenforo or not it dosen't matter but then you said you don't condone?

    And why should a legitimate community help some not legit? That's what leak/hack forums are for
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  6. Does it really matter that he's using a cracked XenForo? As far as I'm aware spigot doesn't care if he's using a cracked XenForo, only if he's using a cracked premium plugin. Just help him out.
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    The OP's questions have nothing to do with XenForo. It states clearly in the SpigotMC forum rules that Spigot does not give support for nulled software. Please, the OP isn't asking for help on his XenForo, so please stop hijacking this thread.
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  8. Didn't read fully, I saw something about errors with XenPorta, that's where I got the idea from. Sorry :p
  9. all i was asking is for somone to help me setup my minecraft domain from hostinger
  10. Are you running on port 25565 or a non-standard port?

    You will only need to add an A record if are running on port 25565 however if you are running on any other port, you'll need to either append the port you are running you server on to the end of your domain or use a SRV record.
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  11. Strahan


    Hehe, I just read through three pages of this because the first thing that popped in my head was "why is that guy recommended a SRV record when we don't even know the port yet" so I wanted to mention that but I see at the very end someone else took care of that, lol.
  12. this is the port 26569
  13. Yeah, you are going to need to create 2 types of records - you'll need to create an SRV and A record.

    You should create the A record first, under your DNS manager simply add a record and select type A. Choose a subdomain you would like people to connect at, for example or Most modern DNS record managers will manage the TLD (top level domain) part of the record so you should only need to enter play or mc into the first field, if this doesn't work use the full domain (i.e. - remember the period at the end!). There should also be a second box asking for an IP; add the numeric IP of your server here - without the port (i.e. do not include :26569 on the end).

    Now to create the SRV record, you can see how to create an SRV record here;

    ...and note this section;
    That will give you everything you need to create an SRV record - the target is the subdomain you created earlier (i.e. When done, allow a few hours for the records to propagate (spread across the internet). Enjoy!

    *obviously replace in my examples with your actual domain.
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  14. First, you have to buy a domain.

    Then, create an A record pointing to the IP of your server. Let's call the subdomain myserver. The IP of your server should be something like
    Point an SRV record towards myserver.<domain>.ending, with the port of the target being 26569.


    I use bisecthosting as well. They always provide quick support, free subdomains, and are very cheap.
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