Spigot HotTools - Heat up your Netherite Tools 1.3

Heat up your tools to use new features like instant sand smelting!

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    HotTools - Heat up your Netherite Tools - Heat up your tools to use new features like instant sand smelting!

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  2. Hi! Really liked the concept of the plugin and I have a feature request:
    How about making the temperature "decay" over time or upon mining the block? For example if one mines x blocks with a heated shovel it will deactivates its heat and requires to be heated up again.
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  3. I really love this idea! I will try to add it in the next update!
  4. Amazing plugin! But please, add the ability to change the Temperature lore format (with RGB support) and ill leave a 5 star review for sure :D
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  5. Sure, I will add that feature in the next update :)
  6. I've just updated the plugin and added that feature. Hope you like it :)
  7. Great plugin, could you add/find a way to make heating the tools finite? As chucking into lava pools is a infinite process for something quite powerful. I know in 1.17 you can add lava to cauldrons that may help with that, in being able to remove a layer at a time, similar to water.

    Not a big deal right now but maybe for plans in 1.17 to make heating your tools consume lava in cauldrons rather than open pools could mean players need to refuel
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  8. Thanks for you suggestion. I will try to think of some new way to solve that :D
  9. hi, love the plugin, is there any way to make it so the pickaxe can mine faster? or maybe give a configurable enchant ? i would like to give better mining speed when the pickaxe is heated. thanks!
  10. and also change the amount of items dropped when mined, e.g. the axe can mine a log and produce 2 charcoals not just 1.
  11. also doesnt work with mcMMO double drops, if u mine iron ore for example it will always drop 1 iron ingot. not sure if you are too bothered about this
  12. Yeah I can try to add this :)

    I will make a config for this :)

    I don't think I can change that, but I try to find a solution!
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  14. The lava source level will decrease now if you use it to heat up your tools. I hope this makes it more finite. If you don't like that, you can disable that in the config.

    You can change the charcoal drop amount in the config with the newest version :)
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