Hourly paid hostings for Minecraft servers

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  1. I was originally searching for an hourly paid hosting, however, I saw that this trend is starting to get bigger. I decided to change the topic of this thread, to a list of hosts that allow you to pay per hour.

    I recently discovered the world of per hour hosts, these are often also called on-demand instances (especially on AWS). They are a lot cheaper than per month hosts since you only pay for the hours that you use the server and not for the full 24/7 month.

    Here is a list of per hour hosts, I'll add more details about them after I personally try them.
    * Amazon Web Services
    * Vultr
    * Mineflex (Still in beta)
    * Battlecrate.io (Still in beta, API and US locations coming soon)
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  2. There are definitely better options out there than AWS if you're only planning on hosting a Minecraft server.

    People love AWS because of the scalability and huge number of services & features it offers, but I'd say that's completely irrelevant for a Minecraft server. Compared to alternatives, AWS will be a lot more expensive and offer servers with lower single-threaded performance.
  3. Im looking for a hour paid cloud server hosting, Im open to suggestions if AWS is not the best option.
  4. Vultr for performance on their High Frequency Range and you don't care that they may withhold certain info from you (I didn't know taxes were being applied when I had my old account for example, until I saw the newer invoice).

    Linode if you after fewer "loose screws", "MC" performance will be like being on a E3 1270v3 or similar with their AMD EPCYs.
  5. Vultr actually seems like a good idea! The prices advertised on their page doesn't include taxes?
  6. It does NOT yes. Or if you gotta pay VAT or whatever taxation setup your area uses.
  7. That's interesting... How much is the percentage that is applied to it?
  8. It's buried in the FAQ somewhere. :sick:
  9. Found it! https://www.vultr.com/resources/faq/#vat
    Luckily for me, Mexico is not included on the list, I guess I need to present some sort of documentation to prove I'm mexican.
  10. Changed the title of the thread, if anyone has experience with Vultr, it will be greatly appreciated if you can share your experiences.
  11. Look! There is a bump on the road.
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  12. Both are good, AWS will be considerably more expensive and the uptime is sometimes not so good. Make sure to read the small letter, both Vultr and AWS will null route your IP if it ever receives an attack that passes 10Gbit/s. Fortunately, with the decreasing amount of vulnerable vectors, those numbers are unlikely nowadays, however, it is something to take into account when opening a gaming server.
    Reference for you to verify:

    Both mention the same limit. However, an ideal solution would be to use TCPSHIELD for protection and have a load balancer on AWS that connects with the available servers and performs the auto-escalation based on connections/CPU usage etc.
  13. Oh, all the servers would be behind a proxy hosted on OVH. But thanks for the advice.
  14. I actually came across Mineflex the other day who seem to be offering hourly-billed Minecraft servers. They have a free beta at the moment so I'm assuming you're not going to get the best specs at first.

    Definitely something to look at and I'm going to assume much better than Vultr/AWS.
  15. Hey, if you are looking for alternative hourly paid servers, try checking scaleway.
    I've had a great experience with them, check it out. :)
  16. Looks like a good idea with a promising future! However, it lacks the flexibility I need.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
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  17. No problem ;)
  18. Hi guys, only just stumbled across this article. I've been in the beta for a company that wasn't mentioned and thought it would bring some value to the post. https://serverflex.io - it's like MineFlex but much further along in development and also offers a much wider game variety. If you're interested them check it out.
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