how 2b2t still standing

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  1. I mean.. 2b2t's map size as FitMc says, is 1TB.
    With my experience, Minecraft servers over 100 players + 300 entities start to lag.
    So how 2b2t is lag-free?
  2. the worlds on minecraft are splited into several files called regions. they only load when needed so 1gb or 1000gb world has not too much diference (except for the time that could take to look for the specific file)
  3. As @Esmorall said, the size of the map means very little in the scope of things.

    Generally cpu speed, and optimization of plugins can make servers handle this and more, I've been staff on servers with very little in the way of optimization with 200+ players doing just fine, and there are servers out there doing 3x that in a single server (and obviously some servers do WAY more, using bungeecord and other server segmenting tools).

    If you want to be able to handle 100 players and 300+ entities, invest in a good cpu (look at clock speed & core count, I wouldn't go below 4 cores and clock speed is a debate to have), and have a fair amount of ram not only on the server, but allocated to that server instance.
  4. As you can imagine, the server software on 2b2t has already been patched with dozens of fixes to exploits players have made - it's not unreasonable to think that experience could be put towards improving the performance as well.
    Also, the map is 8tb as of now.
  5. 1.12, you have your answer
  6. 2b2t is running on version 1.12 exactly because newer versions are less optimized and would not be able to handle such a big player base.
    Last time I joined I do not remember seeing any mobs, so I assume they were limited to reduce the amount of entities.
    The view distance is very low, which kind of helps.

    So there's your answer: they made a trade-off, cutting out most game features in favor of good playability.