How about a FPS + MOBA game in Minecraft.

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm working on a FPS game project, but I generally do not know whether everyone will like it or not. So can you give me some suggestions ? Here is some details about my plan.

    MACHANICS : We will have 2 teams, each team has about 5 players. There're 2 main modes : Capture & Pushing the cart.

    - Capture : 2 teams will fight the other to capture the given location. The team that get 100 capture points first will win that round. There are 3 rounds in total.

    - Pushing the cart : Devide 2 teams into defender and attacker. The attacker team have to push the cart to the defender's base to win that round. Each round, two teams will switch the role. Just like Capture mode, there are 3 rounds in total.

    - We will have a client [Like LOL Client :)]. You have to use that client to connect to our server. Besides, this client also check the hack tool, verify accounts, sell items, news, .....
    - Party gameplay, find match queue.
    - Plenty of maps and modes [ We will add more things gradually ]
    - 100+ 3D models and 20+ champions (8 of them are free)
    - Ping game will around 20-100ms for Asia region, and 100-150ms for EU & US region (You can use VPN to have better ping).

    1. Where are you from ?
    2. Do you enjoy this mode if it's opened ?
    3. What's the weak point or missing point of our project ?

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  2. That's a great idea, but it will take a couple months or even a year to make it working, especially on the custom client feature, but If you can make it to a reality that would be very crazy. Good luck!
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  3. I think custom client or mods is unnecessary
  4. Thank you for opinion, I hope community foreign will enthusiastic exhortation

    Because this is strengths from our side
  5. "(You can use VPN to have better ping)."

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? VPN in 99%+ of cases only worsens ping, not increases (as it is +1 point to go through for your internet)
  6. You will miss out on many players, because of the custom-client.
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  7. What do you mean?
  8. No, I have solution for server you can using vpn to making better ping is real! I did tested on my server!
  9. you should test it with multiple people from varying countries to see if it is not just you

    it's not as easy to get players these days, even an unmodded server can get only a few online no matter how unique they are, if you add extra step of a client to that, you may just result in no players unless you provide extremely good advertising.
  10. That can possibly only help, if the routing of the player-Provider is just very bad.
    (Well.. or 'someone' is slowing the connection down)

    You cannot speed up roundtrip times if that is not the case.
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  11. Thank you for suggested!

    I'll remember that, Thank u for suggested
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  12. I do not want to download and install a custom client only to play a mini game on a server.
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  13. No this's custom mode and about install client will verify your account and anti hack!

    You can choose between server have hacker or not!
  14. in a custom mode environment, custom server-side anticheat can do the job pretty well too, you can choose between have much more players or have no hackers, but not as many players, but if you think no hackers is much more important, then that's the right choice
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  15. No you don't understand between secure of application & plugin, it difference
    P/s: This post IN discussion about game mode not about launcher
  16. Yes, but the launcher belongs to the gamemode. And nobody will download a launcher only to play a gamemode. But you will see...
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