how big of a minecraft server can i host on this computer

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  1. Hi so i built myself a beast of a computer and i was wondering how big of an minecraft server can i host if were to use it as a server. here are the specs
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2670 Octa Core 2.66GHz (2 Processors) 16 cores 32 threads total
    GPU: MSI GTX 980ti Gaming
    RAM: 64GB DDR3 1866MHz ECC Registered Memory
    Storage: 2 Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSDs, 3 WD Red 3TB HDDs
    Motherboard: Supermicro X9DRL-IF-O
    Power Supply: Corsair RM1000i
    Cooling: 2 Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
    Case: NZXT Tempest Evo
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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    Your internet speed will be the first limitation unless you have 100Mbit+ full.
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  3. You can run a 60 gig server, leaving enough space to run minecraft, skype, and chrome, along with a few smaller things at once. So yeah. as Mike said, your limitation will be your internet and your hosting provider. There's a good chance your hosting provider changes your IP every few weeks.
  4. i see, the reason why i ask is because this computer seemed to beat whatever i tried throwing at it. funny thing is the total cost of the platform costed less than the cost of an i7 5960x and it get a score of 2007 on cinebench r15
  5. Unlimited amount i think lol
  6. i ended up selling the computer for a large profit since in the end i didnt need it. i think some dude that wanted to run a bunch of VMs bought it for $2k. of course i pulled out my GPU and HDDs out when i sold it
  7. Thats a good job that :)