How big servers have minigames in their own bungeecord servers

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  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering how various big servers create bungeecord servers for each minigame session. Or like, automatically scale the amount of servers they have.

    Thanks! (and sorry if this is the wrong category)
  2. Drepic


    They probably use something like docker or docker with some sort of orchestration environment like kubernetes. The other option is always having the servers running and reverting them after each game.
  3. Even hypixel doesn't have automatic scaling. All their stuff is on dedis, and they have scripts that can provision new servers.
  4. nope they have there own stuff called master control but about the scaling in bungeecord you could add or remove servers in bungee while running in bungee api
  5. Hypixel can't just buy some virtual machines and set them up automatically to scale. A human has to buy the dedicated machine and then run a few scripts on it to get it ready.

    Edit: Not sure if your nope is refuting me or is agreeing.
  6. well that true but if think of it the servers that has the script can shutdown the servers incase of player count drop so the controller which mastercontrol in this case send request to servers and then servers get started