How bungee host 10000+ players?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by caoli5288, May 26, 2016.

  1. An E3-1230v3 server can only host about 1000+ player. :-(
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  3. They use that and servers like Mineplex have multiple IP's and I believe multiple Bungee instances connecting to the same servers.

    EDIT: I believe they also use a Round-Robin DNS system.
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  4. FFS. JedisTest. Jedis is a library in Java used to connect to Redis servers. Please do your research, sir.
  5. @up I miss click select this folder :D I mean those all.
  6. No doubt they use multiple Bungee instances. That on top of like 200 hubs.
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  7. Mineplex uses actually just the same 54 or whatever they have. You can tell because they have less hub instances on their EU servers (unless we're talking about different servers) :p
  8. @alzdoesmc Yes. Its easy to found and intrested
  9. I prefer 1 hub ----- 1 bungee/redis

    Its good idea and you can balance traffic :D

    Edit: If you have nice budget you can make VPS per hub
  10. Ah, 54. Who can keep up with it anymore. Anyway, yes, round robin.
    I don't think you know what you're talking about.. Also, use the edit button.
  11. I'm talking how to balance traffic and get much more players at its possible In my option redis its good choose for this.
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  12. At CubeCraft we have many Bungees each handle a maximum of around 500 players, we use DNS to balance players across them all.
    We have a bungee plugin which chooses a main lobby server from the pool and then sends you to that.

    We have custom bits of code to sync player counts and MOTD across all da bungees.
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  13. THX :)
  14. Vagdedes


    I saw this post and I just wanted to ask something. How much ram does Hypixel allocate for the bungeecord they have?
  15. How might one Learn how the bungee is done?
  16. Omg you have Mineplex plugins??? I wasn't able to get these myself it was so hard creating an account on Leakforums ;)
  17. for a 1000 players you would need multiple processors of that calibre, and lots of ram
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