how can I access multicraft console from Vps putty?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by YouDoDis, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Hello.

    I have a VPS with Multicraft fully installed. I'm wondering if theres a way I can access console from putty instead of the multicraft panel itself.
  2. Anyone got an answer?
  3. You can get console access from putty like application by inserting servers' IP address and port number.

    hope this helps :)
  4. That is a lie. Putty is an SSH client. I do not really know of a way, but if I may, I suggest Pterodactyl Panel, free, and can be used on mobile. You can edit the files online, and deleting files take ZERO time. You heard me. ZERO. The only drawback is you can't upload folders, you need to either sftp, or make a new directory and drag the files in.
  5. Usually panels work on the vps ip. Put in in the browser. If you have firewall, open 80 port