how can i add starter items

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  1. is it possible to make it so that players start with certain items from a plugin such as CYOM? also... i need to find a way to disable monster spawning in the lobby

  2. Most servers use EssentialsX to achieve this. They create a one time use kit (kits can have items & commands [commands to give special items]) and then set it as the default kit new players receive when they join.
  3. And for the mob spawning one, world guard should do the job
  4. EssentialsX is the safest bet and is the most common way of doing this. However, you could also use something like FirstJoinPlus however if you do this, make sure to disable spawn kits in other plugins such as Essentials.

    If your lobby is in a separate world from everything else you can use /gamerule doMobSpawning false
    However, if your lobby is in a world where you'd like mobs to spawn (just not in this specific area) I'd suggest installing FAWE (World Edit) and World Guard to prevent mob spawning in a region.
  5. All servers have essential plugins, you need world edit, world guard, essentialsX. Make a cuboid region with world edit then create the region in world guard, you can set flags to the region to get it just how you want (disable pvp, disable mob spawning). Essentials plugin has kits which you can set to give players a certain kit on their first join. If you want to turn off mob spawning for an entire world, you should use the game rules to do that.
  6. Thanks.

    and thansks to all of you