How can i add trails to BiteSkyWars?

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  1. Hello!
    I am using the awsome SkyWarsBite plugin (last version)
    And it works perfect,

    I can't use trails,
    if i add them, this happends:

    if i open the shop>Trails

    I see the ItemTrail,
    I Click,
    Join A Game,
    Get A Bow,

    No Particles,

    I am trying this:


    <alot more>

    But they dont work,
    it there somebody that knows how to write the Particle names and can make a list of them for me?
    Thank you


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  2. Im having the exact same problem as you! I cant create kits or particles etheir.. The skywars page didint exactly tell us how..
  3. hatefull he,