How can I avoid leakage?

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  1. Let's say that I post an awesome plugin for $5. It's a plugin worth it's price. How can I prevent people from leaking it? Since spigot doesn't allow licensing systems :p
  2. You can't.

    License systems are allowed as long as the plugin works without internet connection. But really, it's not worth the effort since anything in Java can be decompiled and edited.
  3. There is no way of actually protecting resource because Java can be decompiled and edited as MartenM said. You can just hope that nobody will leak it. Even if you use obfuscation systems that "can not be decompiled" there will be someone with enough will and time to decompile it.
  4. I can't for example take down a website that posted my plugin if I included a licence with the plugin?
  5. You can always try to scare them of with some lengthy take down notice but I don't think you have the lawyers to go your ISP and get the site blocked.
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  6. I see. Thanks for the info! Rated.
  7. Now you cant stop it with a license system like said above. But adding on to MartenM. The takedown notice is DMCA. Fill that out and send it if you find your plugin on the site. You will want to send to the sites email + there web hosting if you can. You can also file it with google and get it removed from search results. There is no promise that this will work but its really up to you to find something that works.
  8. Has anyone tried taking down blackspigot?
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  9. I don't know if anyone tried, but they probably did. Even if you take them down they will be up again with new website, domain and everything. Which is not good.
  10. Open source your plugin, problem solved.
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  11. Get a good plumber.
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  12. You dont, specially for 5$.
  13. Strahan


    Don't eat Olestra, problem solved.
  14. You really can't, but if you obfuscated it unless you were MCMMO the incentive to try and crack your plugin might be pretty low. Unfortunately this is also often how plugins with malware try to hide, so I don't recommend it.

    The good news is this might not be as big a deal as you think. People who run good servers don't want to use cracked plugins. They are a hassle, often out of date, and much more likely to contain malware. People who use cracked plugins probably wouldn't spend the money on a premium resource to begin with.
  15. Alright, so what I should do is update it quickly so that I can keep the cracked version out of date, and get the best plumber!
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    Yeah! Spam those updates to annoy your actually paying users! That will help!
  17. Remember, kids... US law applies to the US. DMCA is a US law. While larger companies will take notice regardless of their where they are based, any hosting company outside the US is not obliged to comply with DMCA. A website specifically for hosting pirated content usually doesn't do much other than laugh at you if you send a DMCA notice.

    Update quickly when required. If bugs are found. When new releases of Minecraft/Spigot come out. Not just because you found another leaked copy and want to increment the version number to fool people into thinking it's out of date already.
  18. He could put a DRM system in it and heavily obfuscate it.

    Before all the triggered kiddo’s come in again:
    The resource can be still cracked easily, but not that easy compared to open-source or not obfuscated.
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    does just need one dude and a rainy saturday afternoon and it will end up on leak sites. its a waste of time, especially since most drm systems are 100% useless
  20. He could write a C++ API adapter. Writing the important parts in C++ and loading the library during runtime. You need more knowledge to read and understand compiled C++ code.