How can I bring more players to the server?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by zaferkaan1231, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. How can I bring more players to the server?
  2. Ask your friends to bring their friends
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  3. Most do not come.
  4. what kind of ad?
  5. If the server is crap then players are not going to stay.

    If the server is good then you need to get word out there about your server. This requires quite an investment of both time and money from you. Reset your map and hire youtubers to do some episodes from day 1. This is not guaranteed to work and good youtubers with a following are not going to be cheap. During the advertising period you'll probably want to make the most of it, that is buy advertising slots on server lists, websites etc. (I'm not too sure how often people actually check these). Again, this is not guaranteed to work but unfortunately in such a saturated market it's hard to get your server known.
  6. Well, if your friends don’t come, why would others do?

    I’ve done a survey once on a server, which had >1000 regular players and the #1reason was ‘because my friend introduced me to it’. It was not ‘ad’ nor ‘ youtuber’
  7. I do not have many friends playing minecraft.
  8. I talked to a few youtuber and made an advertisement but not many players came.
  9. Then give other people a reason to play on your server.
  10. I do a lot of activity but it does not really work. I do not think my server is a bad server.
  11. What does your server have on it that all of the popular servers do not?
  12. I do not know.
  13. Do you maybe have a public IP, we could take a look and see what the issue is which is causing players to leave.
  14. If you don't have anything unique that will draw people away from the servers they already play on, you won't get new people. Most people already have servers they like to play on, and people who have just started playing will be drawn to populated servers so they can get help learning to play the game.

    Why do you want to draw more players to your server?
  15. If you have money to invest you could purchase a slot from a server listing site they work well.
  16. Just be friendly & release new content constantly, people will stay if they enjoy their experience, they will invite friends and grow your server
  17. Good logic although word of mouth requires an existing audience, you'd have to go a bit further and figure out how this "friend" discovered the server.

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