Solved How can I create my own spigot?

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  1. Hello, I want to learn to create a spigot of my own but I do not know how, could someone tell me how to learn including what I need to know for it?
    Thank you.
  2. So to create your own, you need at least some kind of pipe or hosepipe and something to block the flow of its inner gas or liquid.
    Therefore you could just make a knot into the hosepipe or some kind of sliding mechanical part, which blocks the pipe.

    So the simplest solution is something like and the most complex version is endless (can be any complex as you might imagine)...
    Altough the most common version is
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  3. Hi there,

    If you mean you wish to compile it on your own rather than downloading someone's precompiled version, you have to do a few things. It might look overwhelming but it's actually not that hard. And once you've got it sorted out, future updates will be even easier.

    First, you need to know which operating system you are on, Have a few prerequisites covered, such as git. And get the buildtools.jar file that helps you build it all for you.

    If that all goes well you end up with a spigot .jar file for 1.8.8 or 1.12.2 or 1.13, whichever version you tell buildtools.jar to make.

    This website has a wiki that goes through all the steps, it's worth reading through it.
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  4. You can change console colors and resell it as a private fork for $5k to retarded server owners
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  5. I will test the two options, thanks,

    I dont nhow what say xd but thanks.

    Thanks so much ^^

    xdd thanks?
    yes i can sell that but i have that learn first.
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  8. And that's why I tell people who want to start a server to learn what they're using, understand the hardware, the operating system, and some java basics. This way you can install things like git and stuff easier, get buildtools and just compile a jar for your hardware/os, and run a server without having to pay anybody a penny besides the cost of the hosting provider.

    Why run something from people who just trick you into overpaying for a service that's not worth a penny.
  9. Thanks ^^
    All the help and information about that is good recevided, and sorry by my english, i am spanish.