How can i delete my Account?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by LarexCode, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. Hello, i want to delete my Account. Reasons are private. Is there any possibility?
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  2. You don't.
    Go to change password, type your current one, smash your face into your keyboard into notepad, copy the output and put as your new password.
    Log out and don't come back. That's how you delete your account
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  3. No, i want the site to remove any information with my account.
  4. doesn't happen, sorry.
  5. Would deleting your profile picture, account info, and posts be enough? You don't have that many, so it wouldn't take that long.
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  6. Strahan


    That functionality doesn't exist. If you said some shit you regret, just go edit the posts then logout and do not return. I assure you, nobody really gives a shit about whatever reason for which you feel you need to depart. Not saying that to be rude, it's just that drama to an individual always seems more important than it is, especially to the vast majority of the uncaring public lol.
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  7. yeah, but this is rude. I just wanted to get this account deleted and you answered that. Like I said the reasons are private.
  8. Having that option would be dangerous.
  9. Spigotmc doesn't delete accounts on request. Only posts and resources.
    You agreed with your information being on this site on register so we can't do anything.
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  10. I'm pretty sure there's some laws upcoming right now in EU where you can request any organization to delete all information they have of you. These laws are not in yet as far as I know and I'm sure it'll be different for America as well, but just sayin'. Like @BrettplayMC says, try reporting yourself and request deletion.
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  11. Even though there comes that kind of law, spigot still can't delete your account since it isn't hosted in the EU which makes the EU laws nothing more then a piece of paper with no value
  12. Strahan


    It can if the staff decides to honor it. It's not some automatic thing.
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  13. Xenforo does have a delete account option.
  14. Strahan


    We're talking about Spigot, not the Xenforo platform in general. AFAIK, Spigot doesn't have that accessible to users.
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  15. The only way to delete your account on a Xenforo site is by using the ACP.
  16. That law is the same for Australia and America alike, if there is information being held about you, regardless of the country, you may request to see said information and request for it to be removed entirely. Reason or not, the law specifies that they have to comply.
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  17. Yes, and the username remains, and the posts remain, and the posts show up as a guest, rather than a member.

    The username would have to be changed, which of course doesn't change the quoted content.
    The posts and threads can be deleted, which disrupts the postcounts and conversations of others who had any with you - which I can see is unfair - and they don't delete the quoted content anyway.

    Get an attorney and figure out in which parts things are owned and see if you have a reason to file for a rights to forget suit and see if that gets what you want.

    Upon signing up you agree to the terms of using a public platform like this, there's nothing you signed that says your contribution to the site is at your discretion to get deleted. It's up to the staff, and if they do so: it's a courtesy - as with 99.9% of communities out there. Because while you might own the copyright to the words you've put down, you give a limited right to the owner of the site to do as they please with the content you contributed. It becomes part of their site, it becomes theirs.
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  18. Just simply spam/post malicious links to the point your account is banned if you are so persistent on getting your account disabled. (jk don't just file a ticket)
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