how can i delete the suffix from luckperms set in th chat?

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  1. the title might not explain a lot. so here's what i wanted to do.

    [KID] some_cool_kid [LOL]: hello another_cool_kid (i wanted to remove the [LOL], but the suffix remain in other places like the player list)

    and also, i want to set the chat to be like this:
    [KID] some_cool_kid: hello another_cool_kid
    instead of the default
    <[KID] some_cool_kid> hello another_cool_kid

    how do i do that?
  2. mgmadnesstv

    mgmadnesstv Previously mgmadnestv

    For the Luckperms, this can be done within the Web editor /lp editor

    For the chat format i'm assuming you are using essentials and essentials chat. In the Essentials config.yml you will find a section under Essentials Chat.
  3. how can i use the web editor to remove the suffix JUST FOR THE CHAT?
  4. You can't edit this case from LuckPerms. Whichever you're using chat format plugin, you have to edit from him configuration file.