How can I disguise a mob as a different mob?

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  1. Like in the title, I'm talking about disguising mobs, like for example LibDisguises does. How is it done?
  2. MythicMobs allows you to do this :) Requires a bit of configuration but is pretty easy to use and they have a detailed wiki
  3. Is there a way to do it without using already existing plugins?
  4. For as far I know, no unfortunately
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  5. Listen for packet, modify them and create own. Unfortunately, I don't know which packets you need to handle - there's plenty of things to work with. Check out LibsDisguises source code(maybe this can help you)

    edit: nvm, I was thinking that this thread is in dev section. For vanilla you can make a mob invisible, spawn another one(disguise), disable its AI and constantly teleport it to your mob. Also you should somehow sync its hp, maybe some other stuff.
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