How can I force light fixing?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by HACKSCOMICON, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. When i use world edit and i copy and paste there are a lot of lighting errors. I can fix them manually or use //fixlighting from FAWE . The problems, manually is really slow, and //fixlighting fixes but it isn't verry efficient and it doesn't do it at large scale enough, and it sometimes creates more glitches. Is there a plugin or a command that will recaculate all lighting in a give area or radius? I would prefer something like /fixlighting <radius>
  2. What version of FAWE are you running?
  3. The latest one. But now i realized there was a setting in fawe that allowed me to change the mode. I still have async on but i changed to mode 2 and now the //fixlighting is working much better. So i guess no need for this thread.
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