How can I get high fps?

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  1. I always get 60 fps or 90 max... never get the 100 fps or 1000fps people get on pvp servers... I turned VSync off yet I still can't get it. I am playing on a Macbook pro 2013 - 2014 model. is there a special way to optimize the amount of fps i can get?!
  2. Not to be rude, get a $300 gaming PC that is 400x better than that mac. I have a laptop 6GB ram I get 100+ FPS. :)
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  3. Ik... i saw your post in the macs arent that bad for gaming. I use my macbookpro for other reasons but I find windows 8 to be sucky and terrible -_- Windows 7 was awesome. I cant deal with windows anymore if they wont change their graphics and gui. OI.
  4. Get windows 10 then. :p
  5. Or fucking linux. Ubuntu OP!
  6. I wish, but like i said i use my mac for other reasons. Now please if you wont help me out with this dont reply anymore. Not trying to be rude, youre just not helping and just spamming the thread =)
  7. The only thing that CAN help is getting a beefier pc or using optifine. THere is not other ways around having a crap PC.
  8. There are ways to optimize surely. now please for the last time, stop replying if you wont help me with my current circumstances. I want to be able to maximize my fps so I can get less lag.
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    Think about it. You're playing Minecraft on a 1440p screen, with a crappy mobile GPU, in a laptop with barely adequate cooling. You're actually getting pretty good FPS. Keep your render distance around 8-16, use optifine, and that's about it.

    And make sure you're allocating 2 GB of RAM to Minecraft.
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  10. Yes this is the only thing you can do other than getting a PC.
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  11. Ok thank you, i am already doing this, though my friends who use mac have higher fps no matter what -_- so idk. But thank you, and to counter about the adequate cooling, my macbookpro stays pretty chill and lasts long with battery if i dont play minecraft too much XD.
  12. As everyone else said, your pc isn't good for this.
    But if you insist that you must use this, okay then.
    All the things below CAN get you better fps:
    - Get optifine
    - Close all other programs (Or as many as possible)
    - Lower all your settings
    - With optifine you can change the resolution Minecraft runs at, lowering this can increase your fps by a ton, but obviously, this would result in a more pixelish look of the game.

    Hope I helped however.
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  13. 60 to 90 fps is good. Most computer screens can only run at 60hz which means that anything above 60 fps is unable to be shown by the screen. You could always dual boot Linux or Windows with OSX so that you could choose the OS you want to use at boot. Use OptiFine at all times and possibly a lower resolution texture pack (I usually use Faithful 32x32). I get around 100-200 fps on my $500 Windows laptop running the integrated GPU, and well over 300 fps on my dedicated.
  14. I also play at 8 render distance. Higher render distances can dramatically decrease performance.