How can i get more players to join my server?

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  1. I have been owning this server for 2 months now, i am getting roughly 2-3 players online a day. I am researching ways to get more players online and i cant find a thing that can help me. Please, can someone tell me what can i do to get more players online?
  2. Get a real banner.
    Get a domain instead of IP.
    Start off with 1 server instead of 3.
    Pay for YouTuber advertisements.
    Pay for .org or MCSL slots.
    Get better builds.
    Fix your tab message, it's too long.
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  3. he made that the first thing for a reason

    seriously. that's like the default multicraft banner
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  4. @pepsiisgross I did get a new domain:
    Where can i get a "real" banner?
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  5. He is giving you advice... :p
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  6. Bro, you run off You don't even need the port at the end. Want me to buy you a .us/.pw/.xyz domain? They're 88 cents at NameCheap..
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  7. I was on your server for about a minute. Why else would I add the last two suggestions to my post?
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  8. @BrettplayMC I wasnt denying his advice at all. I was just wondering if he actually got on so i can ask him a few questions on there.
    @Quadro That would be very nice indeed, but again u dont have to
    Thanks for providing much help!
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  9. Eh, I feel nice today. Pick one between:
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  10. Relinquished


    Kind soul :)
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  11. You gonna pick one? lol.
  12. If you can't afford an 88 cent asset to your server then idk what life is anymore.
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  13. Go to GoDaddy and purchase a domain. Looks more professional.
  14. .xyz domains on namecheap are actually 2 cents today... Who cant afford that?!
  15. @Spooky18 he offered it. Nothing bad with that..
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