How can I get players?

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  1. Hello,

    Simply I'm asking what the best way is to get players on my new server.


    Any ideas? I already have a website and a voting site.

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  2. You could buy them on the black market for $1000 per month per player.
    But that is expensive ^

    I recommend getting a domain.

    You should update your server to 1.10 or install ViaVersion
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  3. 1. What u mean by domain?
    2. I hav via version, there may be some problems on 1.10 tho
  4. Okey i will make a list for you:
    2 Everyone hates enjin
    3 Update viaversion
    4 To get players you need To pay youtubers / top voting sites. Or you can spam other servers.
    5 Dont make a servers like all other servers you will not get alot of players then.
    6 Be a active owner. (This is the most important thing)

  5. -1 Get a domain

    -2 Have more than 1000$

    -3 pay a youtuberr

    -4 enjoy your easy money from 11 years old horny kids

    -5 ( optional ) put a female mod than can play so she receives gifts paid from the horny kids

    - This is a succefull guide by blurgraphics.
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  6. by domain do u mean website domain or server domain?
  7. both
  8. By that do u mean like not anything else? Cus it already has words
  9. nothing else.
  10. okay, thanks for the tips, Ive just opened got friends on youtube and will look into a propper domain
  11. Friends on youtube, with how many subscribers?
  12. Altogether about 250
    Ive also fixed via version u can join on 1.8 1.9 and 1.10
  13. Yeah 250 wont do anything for you
  14. This question is asked too much.
  15. Im ArcheryIsKey in Minecraft. I joined the server, and it seems like a really good server if you could fix a couple things and add a few more features.
  16. Not even sure how to respond to that. How do you "buy" dedicated players, why for $1000/month PER single player and what the hell kind of "black market"?
  17. I think he forgot a /s
  18. It was a joke, you can't buy players from the black market
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  19. Seemed like nothing of a joke.

    Anyway, OP, if you want a big server, you need funds for advertising. It's that simple. You can obviously build a large player base by having a good, quality server, but the Minecraft community is not very kind to that. The player base is getting younger and younger, and those who do play don't play a server because it is fun or because the server has dedication, but rather because their favorite Youtuber plays it or because their friend plays it.
  20. To get more players, get the thing that is in my signature (a dynamic banner)
    So when you post here on spigotmc forums, people can see your server and potentially join.

    EDIT: here you go: [​IMG]
    , that is a simple banner.
    Code (Text):
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